The Perfect Bag for Modern Women

The Perfect Bag for Modern Women

Here at Leafy Souls, we don't think there is one perfect bag for the modern woman.

The thing about the modern woman is that there is no single modern woman. Women have a variety of priorities and lives these days - none more modern than others.

The point is that women can choose the life they wish to lead. Whether you're an education junkie who keeps taking classes and learning, a professional who lives for her job, a busy mom, or a busy daughter taking care of her elderly parents, you will have different needs.

What constitutes your perfect bag might be the polar opposite of your neighbor's perfect bag, or your cousin's, or your friend's.

That's why we've divided up our list of the perfect bags for women into a number of categories.

In the "sporty and utilitarian" category, you'll find bags for the active, casual gal who is always on the go and wants her accessory to be able to keep up with her.

Our "when you need it all" picks are for those of you whose list of necessities is longer than your arm.

Don't worry, you can fit it all in these selections! If they're not big enough, check out "just huge" category. And if you're a minimalist, you'll like our "versatile" picks and of course, the ever-popular "crossbody" category.

Finally, we think just about every woman will appreciate our list of bags that are perfect for when "you don't need to take much."

So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to do some online shopping. We are confident you will find an option here for you.

And of course, all options are vegan and animal friendly.


If you prefer the look of faux leather backpacks with a functional, proletarian vibe, look no further than Leafy Souls' wide selection of backpacks.

We have a large assortment of bags for women in the backpack style.

This striped canvas backpack is simple but has a striking style.

It comes in several color combinations and has an extra-strong canvas bottom so that you don't have to worry about it ripping under a heavy load.

It also features several compartments, including three outer pockets.

If you're one of those women who works in a casual environment, this backpack can do double duty as a work bag and a daily use bag.

The Ares also has a ton of compartments for organization. It has a strong utilitarian vibe with wide, comfortable straps that you'll really value if you are one of those women who tote a heavy load.

It's also made of sturdy, durable materials, so it will hold up to years of use.

If you live and work in a crowded city, or you take packed public transportation to work, you might be interested in our anti-theft backpack.

Featuring a hidden compartment for your electronics, this colorful backpack appeals to women who like to express their unique style while ensuring their possessions are secure.

The backpack features a number of organizational pockets, and its colorful pattern manages to stand out while being sophisticated at the same time.

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The modern woman often must rush from home to work to a workout class or night school without much of a break.

Whether you're a busy student, a busy working girl or a busy mom, sometimes you need to be able to tote it all with you.

We've got some suggestions for enormous bags that allow you to do just that.

Whether you're carrying a laptop, gym clothes, snacks for your kids or all your school books, these bags have room for all of that, and then some.

We've got both backpack and tote options on our list.

The Cleo is just an enormous bag. At nearly 20" wide, this is a great bag to take as an airline carryon.

If you are a light packer, you might be able to get away with just this bag on a weekend trip.

This style comes in seven different colors and is affordable, so you can buy several to go with all your traveling clothes.

The Rosemary is another huge tote bag with casual, vintage-inspired style.

Featuring an interior key chain holder, a laptop sleeve and multiple interior pockets for organization, this bag will help you keep your must-haves at your fingertips. And it's versatile - there's enough room in here for it to be a weekend bag.

We love the Myro for its bonus travel pouch, which is so useful to organize smaller items and keep them from getting lost in the morass of a large bag.

The Myro is made of super-durable canvas with a trim of faux leather. Backpack style is vintage- and military-inspired. It comes in a million colors and is comfortable to wear.

If you love to make a statement with bright colors, check out the huge and colorful Jaya bag.

This is a bag that can do triple-duty; it can definitely be used as an everyday tote, but it also is at home at the beach, and is large enough to be used as an airline carryon (or a really big personal item).

The bag doesn't have compartments on the inside, but if you pop in a pouch or two, you can keep your stuff organized.

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Minimalism is very popular these days. In the age of cheap fast fashion, it's easy to amass a large quantity of items that you don't really need.

But that's not really sustainable behavior, is it? Why buy three bags when one will do?

If you prefer the items in your closet to have some breathing room, we've got some suggestions for you.

These bags are all versatile enough to function in a staid business environment as work bags, to take you out to the flea market on Saturday afternoon, or to accompany you on a day trip out of town.

We love this vegan tote bag. It's professional enough for a conservative office environment, but also fashionable enough to function as an everyday bag that you use all the time.

It's big enough to carry a 13" laptop, or some gymn clothes. And it comes in a number of colors to match every ensemble in your closet.

This, and is also large enough to stash a 13" laptop. The braided handles and tassel trim add a touch of personality to a staid work ensemble and the inner compartments are perfect for a work bag or just for hyper-organized women.

This vegan satchel is another excellent, versatile option. It presents professionally and is animal-friendly. It comes in eight colors to go with everything in your closet.

This bag would not be out of place among the work bags or leather backpack on the streets of New York, and it can be carried in hand or worn as a shoulder bag.

It doesn't feature a laptop sleeve but you can easily purchase (or make) one if you need this feature. It comes in a number of fashionable colors - there's an option here for all women.

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Sometimes, when it comes to bags for women, bigger is better.

The bigger the bag, the more you can stuff into it.

If you truly need to take everything with you - and we mean everything - you will be looking for a tote that can hold your gym clothes and sneakers, a jacket in case of rain, an umbrella, that scarf you keep forgetting to take out (it's not winter anymore), your favorite book and a journal in case you're struck with deep thoughts during the course of your day.

Does this sound like you? Read on!

If your main criteria for work bags (or any bags) is size - check out the Edna. It's large enough for the biggest computer, as well as anything else you'd like to jam in there: your gym clothes, a scarf, umbrella, journal, pen, paper, make up bag, cell phone, tablet, Kindle, extra headphones, etc.

This bag does not have much in the way of interior organization, but you can always add after-market options like standalone computer sleeves and clutches to remedy that issue.

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Even if you are the type to carry all your earthly possessions in your work bags, there are times when you really just need the bare minimum.

Maybe you're heading out for an evening with the girls, going on a date to the theater or attending a wedding or other formal social event.

Sometimes all you need is your phone, a credit card and a lip balm.

When it comes to occasions like these, clutches are the perfect bags for women.

We've got a style to suit everyone, and if you think the simple clutch is the perfect bag for modern women, take a look at our wide selection.

This classic faux leather clutch is a must-have. It's sleek and sophisticated, and versatile enough to suit a number of occasions.

The pink color functions as a neutral - we challenge you to find an outfit that this little envelope-style bag does not complement.

It will be a relief to take just this little number out if you have a tote heavy, computer-laden work bags every day.

This clutch also does double duty - you can use it in your big bag as an organizer, and then take it out on the weekends to stand alone.

That versatility makes it perfect for travel, as well.

Even smaller than a clutch is this classic, envelope-style vegan leather wallet. It won't hold your phone, but it's great for those times you want to disconnect.

Like the clutch we just mentioned, this wallet is also a great piece to use inside your larger work bags or daily bags. It comes in seven colors to suit any style.

Our retro faux leather clutch packs a ton of organization into a small space, so that you can pack a ton of stuff into it.

This clutch holds multiple credit cards, a cell phone and cash and features multiple compartments. It closes securely with a zipper and a snap and is a great piece to keep inside your purse.

It's also perfect as a stand-alone clutch for evening.

This little number is actually a crossbody, not a clutch, but it fits in this category because it's so small.

If you prefer to go hands-free eve when you don't need to bring a lot, this bag is for you.

With boho embroidered style, it comes in nine different patterns, so there's something for everybody.

This is a good choice, particularly for the weekends. If you work in a formal environment requiring boring work bags, this crossbody will help you express your individuality when you're not bound by business attire rules.

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The crossbody bag has been very popular the last few years, and with good reason.

For those no-fuss gals who don't need to carry a lot of stuff, and want to keep their hands free, the cross-body is one of the best bags for women.

Smaller than a messenger bag so that it doesn't annoyingly slap against your body when you're walking quickly, the crossbody is an effortless bag to wear.

Just stash your phone, wallet and keys inside and sling it across your shoulder.

You're ready to go!

This Carved Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag is just a gorgeous bag.

With its laser-cut perforations, chain strap and metal closure, it is beautiful and functional. Not a floppy bag, it's made of sturdy vegan leather so it won't collapse on itself.

It also features metal bag feet on the bottom - something you don't usually see in a bag of this size. The feet keep the bottom of the bag clean when you set it down.

Made of soft PU leather, it's available in black, brown, green pink and white.

Snap this one up before it sells out!

Our Jaci bucket bag can be worn across the body or over the shoulder. It also comes in super-fun patterns.

You can choose from houndstooth, embroidery-inspired boho or chic, classic black -- or buy them all and switch them out according to your mood.

With a cinch-top that gathers with a drawstring, this bag packs a bit more style with its double straps of fabric and chain links.

The Elise is another bucket bag that comes in five fun colors and also features metal hardware, a separate cell phone holder and a gorgeous, colorful tapestry-inspired shoulder strap.

Sling it across your body and you're ready for the day.

This vegan crossbody bag comes in the most stunning shade of green.

There are other colors, too, but the green is especially striking. We love this bag for its fun tassels, the removable grommeted shoulder strap, the secure zipper closure, and of course, the long crossbody strap.

In addition to green, this perfect crossbody comes in black, tan and red.

That's it for our list of the perfect bags for modern women. Hopefully you have seen yourself in one of these categories. 

And if you didn't, that's ok!

You do you.

If you need a few more suggestions for bags, look no further than our huge selection at the Leafy Souls shop.

All of our bags are plant-based, vegan and animal friendly.

We've got something for everyone, so take a look!

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Sara Phillipps
A vegan freelance web designer and blog writer based out of Austin, Texas USA.

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