Designer Business Bags for Women: Handbags Perfect for Business Meetings

Designer Business Bags for Women: Handbags Perfect for Business Meetings

For businesswomen who carry all their belongings to the office, to client meetings or on the plane, finding a great work bag can feel life-saving.

It needs to be robust and practical, but equally chic and elegant.

And it should come in a versatile color that complements the workwear wardrobe.

One type of bag I’ve stopped buying entirely is large totes that have absolutely no inside pockets or dividers.

I prefer having several compartments so I can easily find my keys, AirPods, entry badge, lipgloss, etc...


On the weekend, all I need is my cell phone, lip balm, a small hairbrush, some money and a credit card.

All of that easily fits into any cross-body bag with a long shoulder strap.

During the work week, it feels like I’m carrying half of my possessions.

I usually carry two bags, a handbag, and a laptop bag. I know that some women prefer to buy a bigger handbag and throw in their laptop, but personally, I just can’t stand having all that weight on just one handle.

In my handbag, you’ll usually find my wallet, a small makeup bag, glasses and sunglasses, tissues, hand lotion, earplugs, a pen and a marker (or two), my keys, some hair ties and, unfortunately, some other stuff that I should just clear out more often.

Then in my laptop bag, I have my electronic devices, assorted cords and cables and business documents.

What really bothers me, though, is how difficult it seems to be to find an equally elegant and feminine briefcase or laptop bag for those items.

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Although seeing women in business is hardly exotic these days, briefcases and laptop bags are nowhere to be found in most of the commonly known online shops or brand collections.

At least not in the women’s section.

They don’t even care to place a link to the same page – you literally have to click “MEN” first and then “Handbags” and then “Briefcases” to come anywhere close.

Excuse me?

You don’t need to be a hardcore feminist to find that repelling.

Plus, the results that show up in said men’s section are hardly fashionable. It’s a lot of black, navy and brown with silver hardware and an altogether masculine look to it.

Would I carry a bag like these with my shift dress and heels?


In the age of consumerism and luxury overflow, is there not even one designer brand wanting to secure the buying power of all those many women who yearn to carry their laptops in style?

If you feel the same way, we've got your back. We've combed the Internet to find some good, stylish laptop bags for women.

Read on to see our top picks for bags that will showcase your femininity while keeping your stuff safe and organized.

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This vegan satchel is another good one. It looks professional and is animal-friendly.

You can add a sleeve to protect your small computer, and choose one of eight colors to go with any clothes.

From a vintage, worn-looking brown to gray, red or green, there's a color here for all women.

This bag would not be out of place on the streets of New York, and it can be carried in hand or worn as a shoulder bag.

If you want your work bag to really look like it's made for work, this classic satchel might be just the thing.

Large enough to hold up to a 14" computer, it has a sleeve for it as well as a main compartment, zippered pocket and open pocket.

If you want to stand out, check out this beauty. The bottom is striped while the top flap is solid, and it comes in color combinations including black and white, navy and white, striped black and white with pink, and pink and white.

This is a striking bag that also holds a large computer and has pockets to organize everything efficiently.

It comes in two sizes, is the 15" size is too big, you can try the 14". It's made of vegan leather and canvas.

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This satchel-style briefcase from Ecosusi comes in wine, coffee, black or brown, and features a large bow on the front.

It holds laptops up to 14" and has an accordion style bottom that expands to hold more things.

It also features a long and wide strap for ease of carrying as a shoulder bag or a cross-body bag.

You can also remove and stash the long strap and carry the bag in your hand or over your arm with the handle.

Another feminine briefcase from Ecosusi, this one features a bow and laser cut outs.

The vegan leather tote comes in two sizes; the larger one can hold a 15" computer!

The interior is roomy and structured; according to the product description, this bag can fit a computer and a thick notebook or comparable sheaf of papers, as well as your wallet, phone and other necessities.

The long strap is removable so that you can tote the bag in your hand.

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Don't like bows? How about this studded vegan bag - it's edgy while maintaining its professionalism.

It also holds a 15" computer as well as a ton of other stuff.

No need to carry a separate bag for your personal items when you are toting this baby.

The computer compartment is padded and there are other compartments and pockets as well as a removable strap.

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If you don't like the look of a structured briefcase, this tote bag may work for you.

With organizational pockets inside. it can fit up to a 13" laptop.

It will easily go with everything you own, and it's enormous.

Stash a scarf and an umbrella in it as well as all your essential work items.

This vegan tote bag comes in a million colors to match every outfit you own, and is also large enough to stash a 13" laptop.

The braided handles and tassel trim add a touch of personality to a staid work ensemble and the inner compartments are ideal for a work bag.

The Edna is a huge work tote large enough for the biggest computer - as well as your gym clothes, a scarf, umbrella, journal, pen, paper, make up bag, cell phone, tablet, Kindle, extra headphones, and really anything else you'd like to stuff in there.

Of course, we don't recommend overstuffing this bag as that would be bad for your back and neck health.

But know that you could fit it if you wanted to.

This bag does not have interior organization, but you can add a separate computer sleeve and clutch to take care of that.

The main thing is that this bag is BIG, and if that's what you need, look no further.

This faux leather tote is also quite feminine.

It features a padded computer sleeve that fits a Macbook up to 15.6" long, as well as multiple compartments and pockets to organize the rest of your stuff.

From the outside, this bag will just look like a structured tote, featuring a plaid pattern and a bow.

This bag comes in four colors and can only be carried over the shoulder or as a tote, as there is no long strap.

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This patterned canvas computer briefcase is very slim - it basically only holds the computer as well as maybe your phone and wallet.

But it's waterproof.

With its compact profile, it is a good option for a standalone computer sleeve that you could insert into a larger bag with fewer organizational compartments.

It also features a long webbed strap, so you can carry it alone.

This is a great choice if you don't need to lug a lot of stuff around with you, plus it comes in more than 30 different patterns so you can choose the one that expresses your style the best.

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If none of these bags were girly enough for you, you might like this one.

This soft-sided messenger bag features lots of pockets and is 17.5" wide.

It can fit the largest computer you can find as well as lots of other stuff, and the front flap comes in lots of floral designs.


If you are concerned about the health of your back, shoulders and neck, what about a vegan leather satchel backpack?

This one fits a 15.6" computer and comes in four colors.

With two wide backpack straps, you can wear it in comfort.

The design is that of a classic satchel with a mandala-like laser cut design in the center of the top flap.

This bag would not be out of place on the streets of New York, and the details make it look like designer bags.

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We hope you've enjoyed this round-up of feminine work bags.

It turns out that, if you look hard enough, you can find alternatives to staid, boring work bags that are made for men.

If you need more options for bags, you can always check out our shop at

From totes to messenger bags to satchels to briefcases, we have lots of animal-friendly vegan leather options as well as bags made of other materials.

Browse our selection of bags and find the bag that fits your style and capacity needs. Before you know it you'll have a brand-new bag.

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Sara Phillipps
A vegan freelance web designer and blog writer based out of Austin, Texas USA.

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