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University Student Room Decorating Ideas

Last Updated: April 14, 2024

You are starting a new chapter of your life at university and it is time to leave home because the university you chose has a dorm that you will stay in on campus.

The space is basic and bare when you first enter; however, over time, the walls get filled up with items that represent your personality.

This guide is all about making your dorm room a perfect place for you to study, sleep, eat and have some friends over.

University years can be pretty crazy. Having a room that has some life, with unique wall decor, can help you feel at home.

Keep your space neat and tidy to help ensure that no matter how stressful or exciting university life can be, you always have a place to go to where you can rest and feel at home.

Here Are Some Ideas on How to Decorate Your New Space



If you're looking for something that will make your dorm room stand out, as well as help you relax during stressful times, look no further than an oil diffuser.

Diffusers are used to diffuse essential oils in the air.

Depending on the oils you use, you can promote feelings of energy, calm and relaxation.

Essential oils can help you sleep or ward off a cold. Plus they can mask the odors of your roommate's overdue laundry.

The Leafy Souls shop has a number of different diffusers to suit your style.

Our smallest option, the Charlene can hold up to 130 ml of liquid. It is very small, but sleek looking with a spherical shape and a faux wood finish.

This is a great choice for your nightstand if you use essential oils to promote restful sleep.

The Charlene also features seven different LED color options for mood lighting that is perfect for a university room.

If you're looking for something larger, check out the Arianna (400ml) or the Zara (300ml).

The Arianna has a remote control, so you can set it anywhere in your uni room and still be able to control it from your bed.

It is shaped like a blooming flower bud and also has seven different LED color options.

The Zara is shaped like an oil lamp, has seven different LED color options and several timer options so that you don't have to worry about leaving it on.

Lastly, if you're looking for something a little trippy in your dorm room interior design, check out the Crescenia.

Another large-volume diffuser, this one holds 400 ml and is shaped like a lightbulb with two tiny palm trees inside.

The oil is diffused out the screw end.

The Crescenia also has seven color options, and will certainly make your student room stand out.

Mandala Tapestry

Most university facilities do not allow you to paint or add wallpaper to your room, and some have rules against putting nails in the wall.

Hanging a tapestry on the walls can add a dreamy feel to your space without breaking any rental agreement rules.

Especially if you use command hooks or strips to adhere them to the wall.

Mandala Tapestry

Mandala tapestries are very popular among students looking for the perfect ways to decorate a student room wall, for good reason.

There are lots of ways to hang a tapestry, many of which you can DIY if you are crafty.

A fun way to decorate your dorm room wall and express your creativity is to make your own DIY Mandala or DIY glow in the dark tapestry.

Fairy Lights or Other Lights

Fairy Lights or Other Lights

Add some coziness to your uni room wall with a string of fairy lights.

You can suspend these hard-working decor items from the walls or ceiling or drape them from a curtain rod or mini blinds.

You can use miniature clothespins to attach favorite photos to them.

If you have a loft bed, wind them around the legs of the bed.

You can also decorate by piling a string of battery-operated lights into an empty glass vase or bottle and setting it on the shelf or desk.

A unique bedside lamp is another of the ways to decorate that can express your personality.

This cool lamp doubles as a speaker for your phone, while this hanging lamp has something of the psychedelic in it.

Crafty Lampshades

Make your own lampshade and add some tricks that will bring it to the next level.

Take some thick rice paper and make a vertical tube.

Stick the two ends of the paper together so that eventually, you will place the tube upright from the lampstand.

Now take a knife, a pin or anything that will help you make some holes.

Crafty Lampshades

Prick holes all around your new lampshade and don’t be shy!

The holes will allow the light to pass through and will make a pattern on your wall.

Go for patterns that are symmetrical or geometric.

If you are skilled enough, you can even poke holes to create a pretty picture!

Bulletin Board

Bulletin Board

A bulletin or cork board is practically a must-have to decorate university room walls.

Use it to remind yourself of important dates, as a place to display treasured photos and phone numbers...

...or a place to leave notes for your roommate or friends.

This is another good place to hang those fairy lights, too!

Calendar Update

Similar to a bulletin board, a calendar board is a very useful tool that does double duty as university room decor.

Students are often overloaded with assignments, meetings, and exams among other things.

Instead of covering your room from top to bottom with post-its, why not make your own calendar board?

Calendar Update

This is a great place to add all your tasks and keep yourself up to date with deadlines and to-dos.

Simply take an old tray, stick a piece of paper or cardboard and write up the days of the month.

Replacing the paper or cardboard every month is a good way to take a guaranteed break from studying and spend a little time being creative.



A bookshelf is a must-have that doesn't often come with a dorm room.

Check out your second-hand shop to see if you can find a good deal for your university room.

Or you can purchase a new one.

A folding bookshelf is a great piece for a student because it folds flat and is lightweight and easy to move and store at the end of the year.

Cushions and Rugs

Nothing says comfort more than a good selection of cushions and a nice rug.

Sheepskin (faux or real) are all the rage.

Get a nice thick one to place by your bed and desk making every morning and evening delightful for your feet.

A fluffy rug like this one is a great way to make your student room feel and look like home, while keeping your feet warm in the process.

Cushions and Rugs

Scatter some fun cushions around as you decorate your dorm room.

Not quite a rug, but a fun doormat will help keep your student room floor clean as well as help your friends locate your university room amid a sea of identical doors in university halls.



It can be so easy for your room to go from being neat and tidy to -- boom! -- an explosion of all your stuff spread across it.

There are easy ways to decorate that also help you organize.

Try decorative storage boxes to keep your stuff in.

You can make them yourself by covering cardboard boxes with fabric, or you can purchase some like these.

Store them in the closet to keep your wardrobe ultra-organized.

While you're at it, get some fun hangers like these rose gold ones, or dividers for drawers to help you be your best organized self.

The Best Desk

Your desk is where you should be spending a lot of time.

Especially if you prefer to study in your room instead of public spaces like the library or a free classroom.

Making your desk a place that is nice to sit at is a good motivator for opening those books and getting down to business.

We've already recommended an oil diffuser, and if you don't place it on a nightstand, the desk is a great spot.

The Best Desk

Add some color with paper lanterns and hang them above you, or get a funky lamp (perhaps the one you just made) and scatter some photos of family around.

House Plants

House Plants

Having a living thing in your student room can also help promote peace and calm.

Plants in general are one of the most popular ways to decorate any space.

If you are concerned about keeping a living one alive, you can try out a realistic looking faux plant in your space instead.

We hope you've enjoyed this rundown of fool-proof ways to decorate your space.

From wall decor to other options, there are many ways to make your space your own.

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