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Top 11 YouTube vegan cooking shows

Last Updated: April 14, 2024

What the world needs now is an abundance of vegan channels on YouTube... and the world might get its wish.

There are so many more vegan options out now than there were years ago - many grocery stores even sell vegan frozen meals and other convenience foods that weren't available in the past.

As more people are educating themselves on the benefits of a vegan diet for both the body and the planet, it's no surprise that a wealth of information has popped up on the Internet as well.

The Best Vegan YouTube Channels

There are myriad vegan food blogs and recipes available online - all you need to do is search. All the information, ingredients, and tools are out there, for free, for people who are looking to adopt a vegan lifestyle for health.

If you love eating vegetable cuisine, and can get crazy mixing whatever comes to mind to make a great meal, you'll enjoy these vegan YouTube channels.

Some influencers have turned their channels into full-time careers. Still, whether they post every day or every year, all strive to offer vegans videos on how to prepare delicious cuisine that will please even the most avowed tofu haters.

Whether you prefer feeling entertained while learning a new healthy plant-based recipe, or want to keep it simple and easy, there's a vegan cooking channel out there for you.

And if you're new to veganism, or enjoy the occasional dabble in vegan food, check out these sweet YouTube channels for your best year of eating yet. Everyone deserves to learn to make and eat good food.

Read on for our list of the 11 best vegan YouTube channels to help you get healthy and creative in the plant-based kitchen this year.

Tacos and Tequila (Esther's Kitchen)

How did a four-pound pig grow to 150 times her size and become an Internet sensation while doing it?

Who knows, but Esther the Wonder Pig has done it, and she's one to watch. Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter adopted Esther thinking that she was a micro pig (at least, that is what they were told). 

When she outgrew their home, they left their previous life in the dust to found an animal sanctuary that would lead to social media stardom.

Esther now has a Facebook page, a biography and a vegan YouTube channel, where she, Steve and Derek present easy-to-prepare, healthy vegan foods like "cheese" balls, vegan "eggs" and fried "chicken."

Esther has hundreds of thousands of followers who tune in every video and love the dishes she tests out.

Check out Esther's Tacos and Tequila recipes here.

Brown Vegan

Brown Vegan is another one of the many vegan YouTube channels popping up these days. The Brown Vegan herself, Monique Koch, runs a web site and podcast as well as the video channel.

She serves up delicious plant-based recipes with a comfort food twist.

With favorites to try like tempeh bacon, pecan banana muffins, one-pot chili Mac and cheese, and vegan chili dogs, her videos are the ones you will turn to when you're looking for high-quality, healthy vegan foods to please a crowd. 

Including veganized Popeye's biscuits.

Yes! And bonus, they're even super easy to make. Koch doesn't stop at recipes, though; she has also created video guides full of helpful tips such as the best way to camp or eat out while following a vegan diet.

Koch doesn't stop at recipes, though; she has also created video guides full of helpful tips such as the best way to camp or eat out while following a vegan diet.

Vegan Zombie

Are you a vegan and a fan of the zombie apocalypse genre? Vegan Zombie should be one of the top vegan YouTube channels on your list.

Vegan Zombie Chris Cooney has been a vegan since age 14. Without many buddies who shared his dietary priorities, he learned to cook his food early on. 

The Vegan Zombie uses creativity and the power of shock and awe to spread the word about veganism.

He has recipes for everything from "Compassionate Cookies" to  apple sage sausage to  pizza rolls .  If you need more than the YouTube channel, Cooney has also written a cookbook called The Vegan Zombie: Cook & Survive.

Veggie Rose

Veggie Rose makes "cheese" sauce, vegan "steak" and vegan "hamburger helper" in her videos while talking to her audience as though they were old friends. 

On a recent video, while demonstrating how to make "cheese" sauce out of potatoes and carrots, she discussed her ashy skin and how she had forgotten to moisturize after her shower. 

It's like talking to your best friend.

Veggie Rose has multiple recipe e-books for sale on her web site as well.

The Vegan Drag Queen

Here's another themed vegan cooking channel.

Honey LaBronx, the Vegan Drag Queen, shares videos for recipes such as pralines, vegan corn dogs, and "Dateorade" (a date-based substitute for Gatorade designed to drink before and during a workout).

She also hosts a podcast called Big Fat Vegan Radio.

Chef Chloe Cascarelli

Famous for winning the Food Network's Cupcake Wars, Chef Chloe has been a vegan for more than 15 years.

In addition to authoring four cookbooks, she runs a YouTube channel that includes videos of some of her national television appearances.

The Sexy Vegan

With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Brian Patton of The Sexy Vegan serves up "the last vegan fried chicken recipe you are ever going to need," and other manly recipes like "Mmmm Mushroom Bacon" and "Beer Brat Balls."

He also sells his recipes, marketed as "Sexy's Best," here.

It's worth checking out what's new in his video library to hear the funny comments he makes while prepping a fresh meal.

Sweet Potato Soul

Jenn√©, the woman behind Sweet Potato Soul, a cooking hub that includes a vegan YouTube channel, web site, and cookbook, grew up loving food, but not eating much healthy food.

She discovered how to eat for health while in college, and from there, it was a short trip down the road to a fully vegan lifestyle.

Her videos demonstrate that maintaining a vegan lifestyle is not hard. With creative recipes such as "turkey" made from whole roasted cabbage, chickpea and butternut squash tagine, and one-pan maple teriyaki tofu and veggies, she serves up mouthwatering dishes in each video.

Fully Raw Kristina

If you eat a raw vegan diet,Fully Raw Kristina is the Youtube cooking show for you.

She has recipes for things that you wouldn't believe could be made vegan, let alone raw and vegan.

Some of her best:

  • raw jelly donuts topped with coconut icing
  • raw strawberry shortcake
  • raw vegan lasagna
  • raw vegan pad Thai
  • Raw vegan rainbow cake

With new videos every week (sometimes every day), Kristina shows that raw cuisine can be easy. Sign us up!

Liv B

Part "girl next door," part spacey sidekick from a 90s teen movie, Liv B is also a talented vegan cook who shares her creations on her YouTube vegan cooking show.

Her mouthwatering photos will have you turn off the channel, print out the recipe, and get into the kitchen that very day.

Whole Wheat Pancakes with Caramel, Cheesy Chunky Queso Dip, and Almond Butter Fudge Brownies are among her best - you'll find these and more tempting plant-based dishes that won't bust your health if you search out her videos.

Caitlin Shoemaker

Caitlin Shoemaker posts a new video twice each week on her vegan food YouTube channel.

Hers is one of the most comprehensive YouTube channels you'll find for vegan recipes. She doesn't just post videos of vegan recipes, though.

On her channel, you can check out a video for every vegan food question you could possibly have.

Wondering what vegan recipes to eat while menstruating?

Caitlin's got you covered.  With relatable videos like "What I ate on a crappy day," you won't want to stop watching.

If you're wondering how to maintain veganism while traveling, Caitlin has tips on that, too. And she has enough videos on her site that you could watch them once a week for the rest of the year and still have more videos to watch the following year.

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