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Spring Handbags 2024: Designer Bag Trends

Last Updated: April 14, 2024

Get your shopping wish-list together for spring 2024’s handbag collection!

The styles on the runways this year are diverse, ranging from practical and functional to whimsical and fun.

The Paris and New York shows have wrapped up and we’ve had some time to digest the go-to handbag trends for spring summer 2024.

Handbags and accessories are the real money makers of any fashion business.

Women prefer investing in purses, jewelry and shoes, to investing in designer clothing, because there's always a chance that measurements will change and the clothing will no longer fit.

A great handbag will always fit. Handbags are also a great choice for investing in trends because they're usually smaller and cost less than, say, a statement coat.

This spring, designers from Bottega Veneta to Tory Burch played with unusual proportions, materials, and style to stand out from the mass competition.

If you're not in the market for a Tory Burch or other designer handbag, you can still make use of the most popular spring bag trends.

We've distilled the trends into categories and have vegan suggestions to help you make fashionable, yet ethical, choices for spring 2024.

There are too many bag trends to name, so we have rounded up our favorites for spring 2024 (many of which are also in style for summer 2024), along with our suggestions for vegan versions.

Our picks for these 2024 spring bag trends will keep you fashionable while keeping animals safe.

Raffia and Crochet Bags

Raffia and Crochet Bags

Straw bags have bee having a very long moment. It's quite possible you already have one in your closet, and if so, you're set to be styling in spring 2024.

Congratulations on having the foresight to invest in such an enduring piece!

If you didn't already buy raffia or crochet bags for the spring summer 2024 season, don't worry, there are lots of options. Since straw bags are so popular, you can select any style according to your taste and mood.

The practice of making straw bags is ancient, dating back to the Egyptians.

This classic bag that has its roots in market baskets is now a fashion forward 2024 trend.

Crochet bags are back too, all the way from the 1970s. If you're a crafter, now's your time to shine with a handmade, on-trend accessory for 2024.

Our Fern bag is made of straw and lined in polyester. In rectangular or circular styles, it comes in two colors and is perfect for your hot-weather getaway.

And bonus, the square or rectangular shape is another spring 2024 trend, so if you opt for the quadrilateral version, you'll be hitting two trends at once.

Order yours today!


The slouchy hobo bag is another trend for spring 2024. It's also a trend for summer 2024, so if you buy one you'll be fashionable until fall.

We've got some great slouchy options for you, too.

The Cleo is giant and slouchy. If you are a light packer, you might be able to get away with just this bag on a weekend trip.

At nearly 20" wide, there's not much you won't be able to stuff into it.


And with options in a rainbow of colors, you're bound to find one that works for your wardrobe.

If you're going to Scarborough Fair (or even if you aren't), the Rosemary is another great option for hitting the slouchy tote trend hard.

There's enough room in here to use it as weekend bag if you are a light packer.

And you'll be on-trend for 2024 at the same time.

In a Clutch

In a Clutch

Clutches are timeless, and they featured heavily on the runway shows for both spring and summer 2024.

So if you're in the market for a new clutch, invest assured that you'll be current with handbag trends at least until fall 2024.

Our Vegan Women's Envelope Leather Clutch Bag is a really big clutch, as far as clutches go.

This size is in line with bag trends for summer 2024, but the fact that it's a clutch means it's stylish for spring as well.

This zippered bag features a large, metal-accented cut out and a chunky wrist strap.

This is a slightly edgy look that comes in nine colors, including two shades of teal, pink, red, blue and neutrals.

This classic faux leather clutch is classic for a reason. This sleek and sophisticated style is versatile enough to take you to just about any occasion.

The pink color functions as a neutral - it really goes with everything! This clutch is also multi-functional - you can use it in your big bag as an organizer, and then take it out by itself for the evening.

Its versatility makes it a fabulous investment for spring and beyond.


Strong among this season's trends is the humble bucket bag. This is another trend that will carry you through the summer of 2024, so don't be afraid to invest!

The Elise bucket bag has a standout tapestry-inspired shoulder strap in bright colors.

The bag itself comes in five sophisticated shades and also features metal hardware and a separate cell phone holder.


Our Jaci bucket bag comes in two patterns or chic, classic black: choose from houndstooth or embroidery-inspired boho style.

Of course, you could always get one of each and switch them out according to your mood.

The Jaci features a cinch-top that gathers with a drawstring and double straps of fabric and chain-link metal.



Verdant shades were all over the runways for spring summer 2024. If you're looking for green bags, we've got you covered.

This green vegan crossbody bag comes in the most stunning shade of emerald.

If comes in other colors, too, but the green is what's hot for spring summer 2024 trends.

Even if it wasn't in for 2024, we love this bag for its fun tassels, the removable grommeted shoulder strap, the secure zipper closure, and of course, the long crossbody strap.

It's fuss-free while being super-trendy.

This bucket canvas handbag also comes in green, among many other colors, ensuring that you can hit two trends with one accessory.

This is a great one for travel, too, because it scrunches up small to fit into your carry-on. Just take it out and use it as a purse when you reach your destination.

We hope you've found this found-up useful!

Have you found bags that you love on this list? Which handbag trends are you going to tap for your spring and summer 2024 wardrobe update?

If none of these hit your fancy and you are looking for a vegan option, check out our selection of handbags. We have all the listed choices, and more, to hit the spring summer 2024 trends that we've all seen on the runway this season.

Happy shopping!

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