How to Take Care of Your Handbag

May 04, 2019

How to Take Care of Your Handbag-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

The same amount of love that goes into buying the perfect handbag can be said for taking care of your bag afterwards. We know from our article on woman psychology and handbags, that all bag - clutches,canvases, shoulder bags, mean a lot more than meets the eye. The Handbag Spa takes us through the importance of taking care of your bag as well as tips.

Maintenance is a Must

Have you ever ruined one of your favorite handbags? Devastation! It doesn’t matter how much you paid for your handbag, the bottom line is you love it and want to keep it in mint condition! Below are some simple tips on how to take care of your handbags. The goal is to keep your handbag looking great and truly get your money’s worth out of it!

When it comes to taking care of your things, purses usually fall under the radar, sitting comfortably under phone and shoes. Purses are so unassumingly durable that it’s hard to imagine it could need any sort of care-taking. But in the long run, the wear and tear will start showing in your purse if you don’t take care of it!

There is a whole world of germs and nastiness on the floor, so why place your precious handbag down there? Always try to place your handbag on the back of your chair, on your lap or on a neighboring seat.

Another option is to purchase a handbag table hook to help keep your bag off the floor. It's an affordable option that's just a tad larger than a half dollar so it's easy to carry along wherever you go.

Use products

It may be surprising, but there are products you can use to take care of your purse. Spraying my purses with a rain and stain repellent will  protect your collection. Not so much from rain, but from me accidentally spilling liquids on it, as some people are prone to doing. Also try to make it a habit to wipe down your purse once in a while with product so the stains don’t become permanent, or to just give it that newly bought shine.

Stuff your purse to maintain its shape

Larger purses require a bit of maintenance compared to smaller purses.Some suggest putting a sweater that won’t be worn for the season into larger purses to maintain its shape. Tissue paper or newspaper also works but using a softer material is much  more organic!

Keep your dust bags

Your purses usually comes with a dust bag– keep them! They’re great for protecting your bags when you’re not using them. Put leather purses into their dust bags after you have used them so the leather maintains its luster.

Use a clutch to hold your liquids

Can you count the amount of time you  accidentally spilled lotion or foundation in your purse. It’s also a pain moving my products every time you switch purses. Putting them all into a clutch helps you find your products easily and now when you switch bags, all you need to move is your wallet and clutch of liquid goodies.

Store your bags on a shelf

Hanging my purses in your closet is one option, but after a while you realize that it was causing wear and tear on the handles from the weight (especially if you didn’t take my things out of your purse). If you have a shelf or a flat ledge, we recommend putting your purses there because that way you don’t stretch the handles and it’s protected from any roaming frenchies or accidental spills!

Prevention is better than cure

It’s an old cliché – but the best advice usually is.

In the case of looking after your leather it couldn’t be more true, from the day you bring your bag home be sure to protect it with a proper leather spray at least once every two months. This is definitely key when learning to Care For Your New Handbag!

Leave the stains to the professionals

Don’t be tempted to try and remove that ink stain from the outside of your bag or the lipstick mark on the lining – leave it to the professionals who have specialist products that can lift almost anything out of delicate and porous leather. You risk doing more harm than good by attempting a bit of DIY!

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