How to Hang a Round Tapestry?

Last Updated: April 14, 2024

We all love wall tapestry, and we've discussed different ways to hang tapestry using a dowel rod or curtain rod.

If you want a quick and easy method of hanging wall tapestry, go for the staple gun, but don't count on getting that security deposit back once your landlord gets a look at the resulting wall damage.

You can use a hammer and nails, but your fabric will have permanent nail holes in it, not the best look for a wall hanging.

What is a tapestry lover to do?

Luckily for you, we're crazy about everything tapestry here and have done plenty of research to figure out the most optimal ways to display this unique type of artwork.

We've considered every option and have found the top two best ways to hang round wall tapestry art.

One way is with velcro, and the other way is with magnets. In both of the methods, we avoid nail holes and glue, extending the life of your tapestry wall hanging.

How to Hang a Round Wall Tapestry Without a Nail

How to Hang a Round Wall Tapestry Without a Nail

▶ Step 1:

Step 1

First, gather your materials.

If you are using the velcro option, you'll need eight sets of velcro strip products, which include a loop and eye hook. If you're cutting your own, piece by piece, you'll want 39 inches of velcro strip material, cut into eight pieces.

If you're using the magnet option, you'll need 39 inches of magnet base strip cut into eight pieces, and eight small strong discrete neodymium magnets.

You'll also want a ruler and a pencil to mark the space and a wire that is the length of the radius of your tapestry (the width of the tapestry at the center, divided by 2). 

💡 TIP:

  • You could also use pipe cleaners looped together or even just a piece of string or rope.
  • If you want to use wire, you can find it at the craft store or on a website.

Once you have secured these items, look to Step 2.

▶ Step 2:

First, you will need to mark the magnet points on your wall.

Using your wire, string, or rope that is the same length as the radius of your tapestry, secure one end to the place where you want the center point of your tapestry.

Then stretch the string or rope as far as it will go and mark the other end. Do this at quarter points around the circle, and then at eighth points around the side.

Step 2

You'll see the outline of a mandala take shape, giving you a guide on where to tack down the corners and position the magnets or velcro.

If you use velcro, place the velcro pieces at the corresponding positions on the edge of the wall tapestry.

If you're using magnets, you don't need to do anything else in this step.

▶ Step 3:

If you use velcro to hang your tapestry:

  • Adhere the velcro to the places you marked on the wall area.

Magnet tapestry hanging method:

  • Adhere the magnetic base strips to the points drawn on your wall.
Step 3

▶ Step 4:

If using the velcro solution for hanging tapestry, adhere the tapestry art to the wall site point by point.

If using magnets, you may require someone to hold the tapestry to the wall while you attach the neodymium magnets one by one.

And that's it! You've managed to hang your tapestry to your wall (also applicable to ceiling) without using a hammer or nails.

You have brought your space to life.

Now that you know how to do it, there are lots of ways you can use tapestry to brighten up your apartment for the holidays. If you do not have a headboard, you can mount a tapestry behind your bed as a headboard alternative to wood.

You can use multiple tapestries on your walls to reflect numerous styles. In essence, you can even hang a wall hanging or another textile on the ceiling with this method as long as you have a ladder or some other way to access it.

Now that you have experience hanging wall tapestries without a rod pocket or pushpins, you can display heavier weight fabrics.

In essence, these methods are quite reliable and can support heavy tapestries that are usually difficult to hang on walls.

💡 TIP:

  • You can use this idea to drape a large tapestry in a corner like a tent, by attaching the velcro or magnets to both walls equidistant from the top of the wall and the corner.
  • The fabric tapestry will hang down with a new appearance like ideas from interior design web sites.

Fabric tapestries are a genuinely great way to add texture and style to the bedroom or any room. Drape a tapestry over your sofa or a wood table for bohemian style.

It's a great way to try out a colorful pattern that might be too much in a larger area. In essence, you can audition the pattern by using the fabric as a sofa slipcover.

If you're looking for tapestries of any color, we have a vast selection in our shop. We also have lots of blog posts with tapestry tips on our site with more to come - come back and check us out for all your tapestry inspiration needs!

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