World's Most Expensive Shoes for Women

World's Most Expensive Shoes for Women-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

Jada Dubai, Debbie Wingham, House of Harry and Stuart Weitzman dominate the luxury shoes collectibles. The footwear industry is predicted to hit over $320.44 Billion in 2023 and it is not surprising when you consider that the average woman in the US has at least 27 pairs of shoes and drops hundreds if not thousands on them annually.

For this article, we are going to go very niche and explore shoes that are making a real statement in the industry with $2 Million being the minimum price on the tag. Some of these shoes have been designed to represent iconic moments in history, others are for the exclusive collector that has a passion for jewels, designs, footwear, and their family. These shoes are one of a kind and for the owners (if any), it is a rare treasure that will only increase in value over the years.

Jada Dubai and Passion Jewellers Passion Diamond Shoes

Let’s start with the most expensive. If you could guess how much the most expensive shoe in the world is as of 2018, would you guess $17 Million?Jada Dubai’s new “Passion Diamond Shoes” elegant stilettos are made from real gold and embellished with two round 15-carat D-flawless diamonds. The stunning stilettos are on display at the world’s only seven-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai.

Each shoe is finished with 118 smaller round diamonds. Everything about the “Passion Diamond Shoes” oozes luxury. Even the insoles are inscribed in gold.The prototype is a size 5.5 and the shoes can be pre-ordered with a six-month wait and custom-made to fit your foot. There have been no reported sales of the shoes as of yet.

Debbie Wingham High Heels

British designer Debbie Wingham is infamous for her commissioned projects that end up being valued in the tens of millions. She is known for her $64 million cake requested by an individual from the UAE celebrating his daughter’s birthday and engagement party. And now she has shoes valued at $15.1 million to add to her collection of works.

The fantasy-style footwear was commissioned as a birthday gift by an unnamed family. The shoes exhibit extremely rare large pink and blue diamonds which cost more than $13 million themselves. In addition, there are four perfect three-carat white diamonds and 1000 pointer diamonds framing the iced cake-like detailing across the shoes.

The leather is painted with 24-carat gold and sewed together with thread made from - you guessed it - 18-carat gold. The zippers and plaque beneath the shoes are crafted from solid gold and every one of the precious stones are set using platinum. Each shoe is finished with leather-made Arabian Jasmin flowers embellished with gold.

House of Harry Winston Ruby Slippers

The original ruby slippers Judy Garland wore in “ The Wizard of Oz” were red in color and made from hundreds of sequences. They are an iconic piece of movie history and have been insured at a worth of over $1 Million.  

In 1989 Ronald Winston, son of the famous jewelry designer Harry Winston, wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the movie in his own way. After two months of tedious work, placing 4,600 rubies on the shoes, the House of Harry Winston revealed its own creation of the famous ruby slippers from the classic film.

To paraphrase Dorothy from the movie, Ronald knew that he was not 1939 anymore and opted to use real rubies, 1,350 carats of 4,600 pieces to be exact, instead of sequins making the final price tag $3 Million. He also added 50 carats of diamonds just in case the shoes weren’t special enough already.

Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers

Sticking to the Disney theme - sure who doesn't want to be a princess? - we find the glass slippers inspired from the Cinderella story. Although not made from glass,these shoes truly look like they came out of a fairy-tale. Stuart Weitzman designed the stiletto heels as a tribute, adding 565 Kwiat diamond,  platinum-adorned to the fine Italian leather, with a gold sheen for a fabulous effect. The shoes are priced at $2 Million.

Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers

Stuart Weitzman strikes again with another unique set of shoes. This time, it is a luxury collaboration between two titans of the designer world. Weitzman worked with jeweler Eddie Le Vian from France to create shoes with 185 carats of blue tanzanite stones offset with 28 carats of diamonds, set on a silver base.

When you first look at the shoes which boats pear-shaped, meticulously picked stones of tanzanite, the style appears to be more like a royal necklace than a shoe strap. The shoes were available for the public to see in 2007 and are now worth $2 Million.


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