Why We Love the Shoes That Hurt Us?

Why We Love the Shoes That Hurt Us?-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

The foot has been evolving for eras to the shape that we know it today: the arch, the width, the balance it gives us. Yet, style and attraction have won over and for centuries as both men and women suffer from misshapen, painful feet. What makes us so willing to wear shoes that will cause lifelong deformities and discomfort?

We Love Them

Who doesn’t love getting away with wearing a pair of statement shoes? Abstract, thin high heels or chunky luminous platforms may not be the most comfortable but they are eye-catching. There is nothing better than finding, buying and wearing shoes that not everybody will wear because let’s face it - everyone knows that you would rather have your feet in a big, fluffy pair of slippers.

They make us feel powerful, they give us attention and they can bring a whole outfit to another level. Shoes are just as important as handbags. Even if they aren’t the most practical design - you must have them.

Research Results

It’s been tested, researched and proven that we, as a species, are attracted to heels.High heels cause the back to over-arch, which thrusts the chest forward, making breasts appear larger and more prominent. The buttocks appear larger because they are lifted in heels.

While walking in heels, a person’s hips and buttocks sway more because heels shorten his/her gait. Heels can also make your feet look smaller, more petite and cute. If you want some heads turning and giving you attention, then putting your feet in high heels will definitely work.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss

There are people who simply don’t know how to buy the right shoes. Yes, narrow fronts will basically bind your feet into a constrained space, but there are shoppers who buy shoes without really knowing what to look for. A good shop assistant (usually found in a good shoe store) will help you in this case.

They can check the length and width of your foot, check how you walk and suggest a selection of shoes to choose from. They will inform you of what to look for by asking you questions, checking where your toes reach and checking to see if you can do certain things while wearing the shoe.

Cheap is Damaging

Buying good shoes can be expensive, especially if they are designed for show. A lot of shoppers look for replicas or cheap counterfeits which are much cheaper than the original. Best is to buy from shops that you know and from brands you can trust. The workmanship on the shoes will ensure that your money has been well spent. And your feet are taken care of.

Help Your Feet

Although it is better to just get new shoes, you may find yourself in a position where you need to wear a pair that you should have given away. In case this happens, there are a few things you can do to help your feet.

Buy some Plasters

The most popular solution is to buy and place foot plasters that help prevent blisters. Apply the plasters on the main areas that hurt when you wear your shoes. This will help reduce friction and will prevent blisters from forming. The range of plasters to buy expands every day. You can get plasters with extra padding and ensure that your foot is well-protected.

Powder your Shoes

A great way to minimize friction between your feet and shoes is by using baby powder. Make sure that your feet are clean and dry then dust a little bit of baby powder into your shoes before putting them on. Pumps are a perfect shoe to use baby powder with. Other shoes might get too humid and if you do it with heels, make sure there is no excess powder on the rest of the shoes.

Add Some Heat

If you have good quality, natural fabrics you can do a neat trick that will give your shoes more room. Put on some thick socks, take out your shoes and put them on. It might be a tight fit. If it is too difficult, take a sock that is a bit thinner and try again. Once the shoes are on, take out a hairdryer, point at the areas that need to loosen, and turn it on for less than a minute. Walk around as you allow the shoes to cool and repeat the process once or twice. Your feet will be more comfortable in no time!

Invest in Insoles

You may or may not need insoles, and going to an orthopedic to check is worth it. Customized insoles can be made for more severe cases. For others, they can invest in silicone insoles from any shoe store - also online. There are two types: full-length insoles that protect the whole sole and half ones that are used only under your toes or heel. You can choose the insoles that fit your needs.


Choose Something a bit more Practical

Even if you want to make a statement while out in public, consider the times when you are around close friends an family as the time when you wear something comfortable. You don't have to throw fashion out the window either. Consider comfortable sneakers while performing athletic activities or gladiator sandals during the warmer months. Your feet will thank you for it.

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