Why Do Women Love Handbags So Much?

Why Do Women Love Handbags So Much?

Ah, the handbag. A private, intimate, and personal item that should never be opened by anyone else.

What was first a place to pack essential items like make-up, tissues, a notebook, and keys, quickly became an extension of a women’s personal status and lifestyle. But how did this accessory become such an important feature to a women’s appearance and why do they care so much about it?

Planes, trains, and automobiles

Only in the last century has the handbag made such an impact in the fashion industry. Railway and sea travel emerged allowing people from all over the world to travel long distances.

Access to transport meant that women had to travel, but unlike men - the clothes women wore didn’t have external pockets. A silver Chatelain - a large chain with multiple storage compartments - was worn around the waist, but this was too open and accessible to prying eyes.

Women needed a more private environment for their things. The handbag was a perfect fit. A closed box-shape, hard for strangers to grab; held close to the owner provided a more secret space to keep important things.

The luggage industry boomed with brands such as Louis Vuitton andHermès all starting out as luggage carriers.

Brands and success

From the 1950s branding became an important feature between businesses and consumers. Communication channels opened and the iconic fashion brands that we know today were at the forefront. By the 1980s, brands were booming with Gucci, D&G, Dior, Burberry & Channel advertising to the mass through billboards, magazines, TV, and celebrities.

Society found itself in a position where “who” you buy and wear represents you who you are in the world. At the same time, women were on the rise - taking their place in the business world. They demonstrated their success by leaving their most treasured items in a bag that costs the same as a holiday for two. It is that important to them.

With only a few items to sell at extraordinary prices, the scarcity of the supply made the items even more appealing. The women of status had to be seen with such a luxury.

The adornment theory

From ancient tribes to modern day civilization, people throughout history have worn adornments to decorate their bodies and attract attention.

Different pieces of accessories represent different characteristics of a person and the role they play in the community; a king, a queen; a witch doctor or a hunter wore various ornaments that depicted status and purpose creating a strong emotional tie between the objects and the owner.  

The handbag is an adornment. Making sure to select the right one, the one that reflects identity and purpose is an important choice.

A place of nourishment

The handbag has become a resourceful fashion accessory. There is room to pack essential, comforting items such as water, snacks and hygiene products.

This is particularly important for women on the go or women who like to take care of their loved ones.  Everything a person needs to get by in the world fits in this secure package giving a woman a sense of independence, freedom, and safety.

It is no wonder that tragedy strikes when she loses her bag - it’s a lifeline.

The way you carry it matters

No matter what shape or size the person, the handbag always fits - but how one holds the bag differs between each individual and gives insight into their personality.

For example, clenching a handbag securely between the arm and ribs shows that the person is wary of their surroundings - a safe person. When the strap comes over the shoulder and across the front of the body, the individual carrying the bag wants to be hands-free, practical. Hanging the bag swaying from the shoulder represents someone who is more free-spirited and light-weight.

And last, the handbag resting on the fold of the elbow demonstrates that the carrier of the bag will put in the extra effort for the style. The handbag has now moved from being an accessory to revealing a women’s attributes.

Emptying the bag

Handbags are an extension of women both externally and internally. An item that looks well-cared for, tidy and neat becomes a whole other story when one looks inside.

To every woman's nightmare, their bag which is supposed to make life easier is instead disorganized, filled with useless items and has traces of rubbish. The day a woman cleans out her handbag is the day she decides to start fresh. Maintaining a clean handbag means sticking to a routine, one of many routines that contribute to a healthy mind and body. The handbag can be a gentle reminder of how important it is to keep up and stay steady.

So that’s why women love their handbags. For some, it is a representation of status and success. For others, it is a safe place to keep a survival kit when outside their home. The handbag is so important that women will pay a lot of money for it to be a practical design, aesthetically pleasing, and well-made with strong materials.

Show the world where you keep your treasures. Get your vegan handbag today!

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