Why Backpacks Are So Popular Among Travelers?

Why Backpacks Are So Popular Among Travelers?-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

Traveling and backpacks go hand in hand together. Despite the fact the backpacks are pretty heavy to carry, you will rarely see a real traveler with a trolley and wheels.

The backpack is for the traveler who likes to explore, can fit a huge number of necessities inside the bag, attach other necessities outside the bag and can easily pack his/her things at a moment’s notice when they need to catch their next plane, boat or train.

Your New Home

When planning a backpacking adventure, the most important item for anyone is a quality travel backpack. The backpack carries every single possession while on the road and essentially, becomes your home.

The chosen backpack needs to be strong, durable, comfortable, and flexible enough that it can hold a lot of things; and at the same time stay compact to save some space.There is nothing worse than traveling with a backpack that causes pain, discomfort, and dread every time you pack up to move on.

Why Not Wheels?

Wheeled suitcases are not ideal when traveling in the city or outside. They are ideal for when you only have two trips to the airport, but if you are away for a couple of trips, the journey for your luggage is a tough one unless you are taking taxis all the time and never walking.

Cobbled streets in old cities and rough terrain outside the city take their toll on the wheels; to the point where they are extremely worn or even worse, broken. There is also the handle that drags the luggage. It needs to be lifted up and down depending on when you want to use it. After a while, if it is not a good quality piece of luggage, it ends up causing problems at the worse times: getting into a car, onto a bus or anywhere else when you need it to be quick

Easy Breezy

Having a backpack makes life much easier. It doesn’t drag behind you and bump away on cobblestones; it’s always easy to pick up and start walking - and the situation stays the same no matter where a traveler goes. Traveling is easier when all you have to do is swing a bag on your back. Wide straps and hip straps divide the weight so that you barely feel anything. Best of all, your hands are free to use google maps or anything else that you might need.

The compartments are so handy. Need a place to put your book, your ticket, you water, your laundry, your shoes, your liquids, your makeup - you name it -  there is a compartment for everything and it is all easily accessible. When you are in a rush, you can either squeeze your belongings in quickly - completely disorganized - or take your time and put everything back in its place.

Which to Choose

Choosing the perfect travel backpack can be a tough decision. There are so many models, designs and brands to choose from all catered to the very specific individual. If you don’t need compartments, you can pay more for a bag that has been made to support your back specifically. If you need compartments for your laptop instead of books, or your professional camera or shoes, you can find one. This makes choosing the correct bag all the more cumbersome.

There’s the Rain

Does your bag need to be weather resistant? This may be a key feature that travelers have forgotten about. Think of all the tech gear you pack in your bag. The last thing you want is for your laptop to stop working because the monsoon rain was so heavy and water seeped into your bag damaging your pride and joy.

There is a difference between waterproof and water-resistant, with the former designed for water sports or for people who know their bag will be left outside in torrential rain. Unless you are one of those travelers, a water-resistant bag will be enough to protect your things.

Lose Nothing

The last thing you want to happen is for your bag to break. Whether you traveling for a week, a month or bought a one-way ticket, there is nothing worse than finding out you’ve lost your passport because the zipper is broken or there is a hole where there shouldn’t be one. Getting a   that will be able to handle your stuff and the travel is imperative and worth the money. It will last you for years and you can even get a lifetime guarantee.

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