What Would Happen if Everyone in the World Went Vegan?


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How Our World Could Change If Everyone Became Vegan

You May Say I’m a Dreamer…

i am a dreamer, vegan dream, bleive that the world will turn vegan

An entirely vegan world.  Quite the thought, isn’t it?  And I suspect, even among the vegan faithful just settling down to read this, more than one or two of you went “nice idea…never gonna happen though” inside your head.

So, it’s at this point that it’s always good to break out (an alleged) Gandhi quote:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

Whether Gandhi actually uttered those words or not, they’re still darn good. 

And so it’s been the case that for pretty much every movement dedicated to fundamental change, the same pattern has been seen – be that the abolition of slavery or female enfranchisement. 

The same will be the case with the world turning vegan.  One day, it will happen, and here’s what we can likely expect.


Give Peace a Chance…

Peace symbol hold up by 2 women made from leafs and natural materials, veganism vegan peace

Humanity really is a Jekyll and Hyde creature.  On the one hand, it can show boundless compassion, overcome adversity, build brave new machines and buildings, compose operas, write beautiful poetry and well, you name it.

On the other hand, it’s boggly-eyed crazy with blood-lust.  So much so that its ingenuity and creativity for killing other living things is seemingly limitless. 

Chilling fact of the day:  Heinrich Himmler, head of Hitler’s death-camp apparatus in nazi Germany, was a chicken fertilizer salesman before he went on to become utterly notorious and subsequently reviled for the rest of time.  Himmler based some of his later human death-camp designs on what he had seen at chicken farms.

Here’s the problem.  When one person starts seeing another living thing, be that living thing human or animal, as somehow intrinsically less worthy of living than them, then some really, really bad stuff is going to happen. 

700 billion land animals are slaughtered each year alone for human consumption and exploitation.  If everyone were vegan, the go-to almost zombie-style knee-jerk reaction of “kill” is going to be a lot less popular.  Or as Leo Tolstoy out it:

As long as there are slaughterhouses there will be battlefields.”

A vegan world will be a peaceful world.


A Lot Less Plus-Sized Clothing Options

obese non vegan women having to wear plus size clothing

Obesity is a currently a huge public health issue, especially so in the Western World, and the prime culprit for that is what the vast majority of Westerners are eating.  Meat, eggs and dairy products are swimming in saturated fat and cholesterol and contribute massively to weight gain issues, as well as some other nasty diseases and conditions.

A vegan diet is one of the best ways to counter and reduce weight-gain.  Of course, one needs to have balance when becoming vegan, and things like exercise and lifestyle habits also play a part.

Consequently, an entirely vegan world is going to look a lot more svelte than it does now.  Great news of course, but expect the beaches of the exclusively vegan world to be a lot more congested than they are right now.


I like You Doctor, But…

Pills prescribed by a non vegan doctor

As well as being a lot slimmer, the vegan world is also going to be a lot healthier too.  A vegan diet is the number one preventative measure that one can take up against serious illness.  Your risks of cancer, diabetes, heart-disease and high blood pressure all reduce as a vegan.

So, much as we all have the utmost respect for the medical profession, it’s always good to keep a healthy distance from your doctor.  Not for a minute suggesting that a fully vegan world will consist of under-worked doctors standing road-side outside their practices with cardboard signs saying “get better here”, but it’s a thought.


Mother Earth Loves Us All Back

melting ice due to the climate change caused by animal agriculture, go vegan

Animal agriculture is presently a bigger polluter of the planet than all the cars, trucks, buses and planes of the Earth combined.

Unless you have been living in a cave without wi-fi, or happen to be a billionaire TV reality-show host turned Oval Office occupant, climate change is real, it’s here and it’s very, very scary.

Ice-caps are melting and ocean levels are starting to rise at eye-widening levels.  The human population is also on the rise too.  There are presently 7.3 billion humans doing there thing right now on the planet.  By 2050, the projection is for the figure to rise to 9.7 billion.

Consequently, more and more land is being devastated by animal agriculture by way of the likes of mass deforestation to allow cattle ranching.  That in turn means less trees to oxygenate the only planet we all have and share.  On top that, methane emissions from the cattle contribute more and more global warming gases into the atmosphere year on year.

In stark contrast, a 100% vegan planet would not have to deal with this kind of threat and could begin to heal itself after endless years of human environmental mismanagement and downright abuse.  Global emissions of carbon dioxide and methane will have dropped dramatically from where they are now.  The lungs of the Earth would be working as they are meant to be, not in the wheezing fashion they currently are.


Water Great Thing To Have

fresh water made available through going vegan

As things stand, over 10% of the world’s population struggles daily with access to fresh water – that’s over 700 million people, or twice the size of the US population if you like.

Yet over a third of the world’s fresh water consumption is taken up by the footprint of unnecessary animal agriculture.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, the same industry is responsible for the mass pollution of fresh water with fertilizer run-offs and animal waste reservoirs.

Add to that that a whole bunch of geo-political strategists have identified fresh water access as being an increasing reason for civil unrest or war in the twenty-first century, particularly so as the human population continues to rapidly grow.

Conversely, in a wholly vegan world, fresh water resources will not be unnecessarily squandered on animal agriculture, thus alleviating fresh water issues for a tenth of humanity as well as averting potential future fresh-water conflicts.


World Hunger Is Off The Menu

african family not having enough to eat due to animal agriculture

A billion humans presently suffer from malnutrition and starvation on a daily basis.  Meanwhile, unbelievably, the great majority of crops grown globally are for feeding livestock to then produce meat and dairy.  Given that it takes over 12 pounds of grain to “make” one pound of beef, just the most cursory glance at that, even for the most mathematically illiterate, just doesn’t add up. 

In the exclusively vegan world of the future, this problem simply will not exist.  Crops and resources can be effectively used to ensure that the blight of human malnutrition and starvation are firmly confined to litter bin of omnivorous history.


The Eyesores Are No More


As a vegan, if you’ve ever driven past a slaughter-house or a truck full of cramped animals off to destruction, you’ve possibly had to bite hard into your seat-belt to stop yourself yelling a ton of invective out of the window.

The prospect of a vegan world, utterly devoid of animal death-camps and the system of transport to get them there, is an enticing one in just its own right.


…But I’m Not The Only One…

Everyone is believing that the world will be vegan someday as it is inevitable

So, a vegan world is, your author believes, an inevitability.  Humanity simply cannot continue in the omnivorous fashion that it has been and expect to see the dawn of too many new centuries, let alone millennia. 

Simply put, veganism is the only solution that guarantees a future for the Earth and all that live upon it.

Veganism is a weight of numbers movement and all the metrics undisputedly show how it is growing in size and strength by the day.

Is there still a long way to go until the world is 100% human vegan? Absolutely. 

But there will one day be a tipping point when vegans outnumber omnivores.  And from that point onwards, the inevitability of a totally vegan human world is assured.

So, take heart that right now, we are the break-through pioneers of veganism laying the foundations for future generations to ensure that at some time in the future, the human world becomes exclusively vegan.

History is on our side.  Keep on doing your vegan thing and spread the vegan word!


2 Responses

David Hewitt
David Hewitt

Hey Lovegan – thanks for the great feedback. Every vegan, by doing their thing, is an advocate for change built on positive thinking.

We can take pride in being breakthrough pioneers at this point in time – laying foundations for the bigger and better vegan future of tomorrow!


Jo Peret
Jo Peret

inspiring positivity David – and ‘positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking.’ Great article to use for informing non vegans. Thanks for the ‘keep on doing your vegan thing’ message – because vegans are so damn cool, and yes, ‘history is on our side.’ Lovegan! x

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