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Ways to Bring the Outdoors Inside

Last Updated: April 14, 2024

Looking for ways to bring the outdoors inside from the source?

Whether you are in a house or an apartment, the benefits of natural light include relaxation, a better mood, a feeling of warmth, and a positive impact on ambiance.

In a world where chemicals are everywhere, our homes should be life-giving environments we love, like an oasis or spas.

Surround yourself with decorations and accessories that evoke gardens, plants, or the woods, with these ways to bring the outdoors inside.

Murals and Tapestries

Murals and Tapestries

You can make a mural featuring trees with branches out of fabrics that you adhere to the wall with starch sprays - when it's time to move, the fabric peels right off, leaving the space of the wall as good as new.

This will bring a feeling of natural light and fresh air into your home. Create the mural around your windows to feel like you are in an outdoor space while in your home.

An Excuse for a Scavenger Hunt

Some simple ways to bring the outdoors inside your home are to scatter natural elements like flowers, plants, seashells, or items made of rock around your favorite rooms.

Kids are great at this, and if you have one, let him loose gathering rocks, wood, pine cones, and greenery to bring from the outdoors. Make a goal to use these materials as decor in your home space.

An Excuse for a Scavenger Hunt

Rattan furniture or a wicker or bamboo table under the window is an excellent place to display natural products like succulents or one or two houseplants, for instance.

Your kitchen table is another good place in your home for plants you love.

Use Natural Colors

Use Natural Colors

To evoke the feeling and inspiration, you get from relaxing by the ocean, use the colors that depict water in your room.

Try blue bedding in your bedroom, sponge-painted walls that evoke rain and might even make you think that you can smell tide pools or the sea.

Place a variety of seashells in sections of the room to create a soothing environment.

A room with skylights that lets in the sun and natural light is an ideal place to decorate with freshness, whites, sheers on the windows that ripple when a fan is turned on.

Here you can use space in your interiors to your advantage to bring an outdoor boost to your home. There's no reason to fill every square foot of your floor with baskets or vases or art.

Evoke the sky and the air with clean flooring, light colors, a big window and lots and lots of light.

The less stuff you have, the less dust, and the better the air quality.

It's easier to clean a wood or cork floor that isn't cluttered with furniture or other materials, anyway—wondering what color to use for your air inspired room?

A palette of light grays and off whites is one idea for design decor that makes you feel like you're living in a glass window with outdoor views.

Also, how about a piece of artwork that shows hot air balloons with rattan baskets? There's a source of inspiration for decor elements!

Let Mother Nature IN

Another way to bring the outdoors into your home living space is to open the door to fresh air literally. There's nothing like window coverings blowing in the breeze while you listen to the sounds of the outdoors.

That's mother nature at work in your space as long as the humidity isn't too high. If bugs are a nuisance in your area, install screens at the site - they are low maintenance.

Let Mother Nature IN

Use treatments for your windows like shades or blinds in natural fibers with a painting of a tree or something green on them. It is a way to personalize your interior when you're living in apartments and need to move to a new home without plenty of notice.

This is just an example - there are a bunch of options if you have time.

Other outdoor elements from nature that you can use to bring the outdoors inside your home living space include pieces of wood, flowers, fruits, any plant in a vase, hemp, jute, leaves, stone, and straw.

Consider Natural Textures

Consider Natural Textures

Concentrate on simple ways to use the textures of the materials in your design. There are many ideas available through your Internet browser and DIY and crafts article links.

You could try making DIY vases by hot-gluing straw or hemp pieces to the glass.

It's easy to make murals using many objects from the field, lawn, or forest. One fun project you can try your hand at is gluing dried flowers or pieces of yellow lemons and green limes onto a burlap canvas into exciting patterns.

Then hang this beauty from a branch in your kitchen interior as wall art. It really pops, but this project keeps the kids busy too.

Natural Design Favors Eclectic Elements

Nature doesn't worry about matching décor the way humans do.

Somehow the outdoors are full of contrast, and yet everything complements everything else in these places.

There is chaotic energy to the outdoors that you can experience in the comfort of the rooms in your own home if you steal a few tricks from nature.

Natural Design Favors Eclectic Elements
  • Layer décor items in your home: Grass, trees, fields, sand, the ocean - they all share their space with the others. Grab inspiration from the source. Layer a wood tray on a table in the corner, throw overlapping rugs down on the floors, to create that mixing and matching of elements and materials that nature does so well.
  • Think of the colors of the Earth as viewed from space. Blues of the sky, greens of the trees, whites, browns, and tans dominate the Earth. If you love nature and want to mimic its look inside, it's best to avoid the neon hues.
  • Embrace wonkiness: Tree branches aren't straight. Nature doesn't plant flowers in consecutive rows. Life meanders like the vines of plants and vegetables in the yard. You can get this look inside your home, too, by looking for furniture that isn't symmetrical, by hanging vining plants from hooks on the ceilings.

Embrace Outdoor Photography

Embrace Outdoor Photography

If you have an artist soul, you can take photographs in the middle of nowhere, featuring anything your heart desires and showcase it in your home.

Create your art at the source, outside. Play with shade and sunlight, feature an unexpected element, try taking your photo of a plant from different perspectives for different effects, and varying style.

Name your preference!

There are lots of free online resources to learn about photography - add this skill to your collection.

Bring the Outdoors in on a Budget

Of course, these ideas aren't the only ones to keep in mind when people look for a way of bringing the outdoors into interior design.

Focus on outdoor elements that you feel reflect part of your style, and the way your husband or wife and kids live in the house.

Wood flooring in the home has a rustic appeal to the feet but might be a bit outside the budget for some people. Plants are a cheaper way to bring the outdoors into your home décor.

Bring the Outdoors in on a Budget

Planters in the bathroom give a sense of outdoor spaces if you have a green thumb.

Making your guests' bedroom a spot full of peace with inviting bedclothes, beautiful lampshades, a box of home magazines is a great way to help them feel at home.

Stay in tune with nature by eating only the best quality foods - this isn't a way to bring the outdoors in, per se, but these are useful tips to help you feel a bit more your best.

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