Ways to Bring the Outdoor Inside

April 12, 2019

Ways to Bring the Outdoor Inside-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

Nature brings us so much: tranquility, peace, and calmness. Its presence is so important that integrating it within our walls brings a whole new environment to our homes. If you live in a place where it is hard to find that “outdoor” vibe, then bring nature into your home using a few of the following tips.

Pots and Vases

The most popular way to bring nature into your decor is with pots and vases filled with plants and flowers. Colorful orchid plants or plain, green, indoor palm trees fit everywhere. Adding a fresh rose flower in a slender, tall vase gives an extra touch to your dining table or console just in time for dinner guests.  

Look into placing plants and flowers in the bathroom. Some plants thrive in humidity and the bathroom is the perfect place. If you are considering renovating your bathroom, you can add wood elements and add pots and vases strategically making it look like a pool in a tropical forest.

Keep the Tree

Most people would say that trees should be outside, but actually, there are ways to bring the tree inside and make it work. If you have a large space in front of a big window, a tree in a pot can be perfect. Depending on the style and inspiration for your room, you can go even further and make it an orange or lemon tree. Make sure to check out if you live in an environment where the fruit tree can grow.

If you are lucky enough to have a piece of land in a hot country and have plans to build your dream home, you may come across a beautiful tree exactly where you plan to have your living room. Use the space wisely and consider making the room suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. Perhaps the living room can be a large hallway or outdoor kitchen where it is ok to incorporate the house and the tree.

Stone and Wood Materials

Nothing says nature more than having your home built in or furnished with stone and wood. Plain, thick, old branches softened by the sea can be great decorative items that add that rustic, minimalistic touch to a room. Old wood carvings with great craftsmanship are perfect pieces for homes that like to add culture and art to their home.

Stone is the perfect element for modern, natural looks. Heavy stone tables, basins, bathrooms elements, fireplaces, and kitchen features stand out and show class. Stone features enhance luxury to a home and can easily remind you of a beach or a cave.

Floor Details

Old wooden floors made add extra warmth to a room. Floors made of materials such as bamboo, cork or and oak have those unique textures that nature gives it. This detail is more noticeable and prominent if the floors contrast with the walls or their surroundings. White and pastel walls with dark brown wood add a great dynamic effect.


Allow as much sunlight in as possible - especially if you will have plants in the room. Natural light adds brightness to a room and can catch any colourful, glass-made ornaments or wooden furnishings.

The next time you renovate your home, add some skylights and knock down some walls for a whole new space to work with.

Vertical Gardens

Some homes have gone extreme and have integrated vertical gardens in their rooms. Make sure to get vegetation that does not attract insects and create a system for maintaining the garden.  Or get a wall painting ortapestry of a garden to avoid any bugs!

Apartment buildings are now being designed in a way that gardens are integrated into all homes like extended balconies. This results in an apartment building with a unique structure where everyone has an outdoor space that is able to catch the sunlight. Communal gardens on the ground floor, gardens on the roof terrace and gardens in the balconies make the buildings of the future a green haven.

Tree House Look

When choosing a style or a source of inspiration for your home’s interior, try looking into tree house mood boards.There you will find stairs made of wood and branch-like banisters, chunky, wavy shelves that hold up ornaments and photos.

Add rattan furniture to add that extra outdoor feel. Hanging seats that swing and straw baskets take you out to the countryside. Make sure to add extra thick, comfy cushions on the seating area and finish the room off with a big, wooden table and chairs.

Walk & Collect

Nothing beats going for a walk and bringing back the perfect item that fills in a spot you have been waiting to fill - and you got it for free while enjoying a walk. Shells and stones at the beaches, old branches at the park, keep your eyes open and room in your tote for that piece to put your room!

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