Wall Decoration Ideas

March 24, 2019

Wall Decoration Ideas-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

You’ve finished moving in and all your furniture has found its place in your new home. Now, you need to decide how you want to decorate your walls in a way that will fill the missing areas without causing too much distraction. Rather, you are looking for wall decor that will blend with the rest of your furniture and room dimensions giving your space that final tie-together touch.

There is so much wall decor to chose from and it comes in all forms. You can choose from paintings to posters; framed, unframed; 3D objects ortapestries; wood or metal; shelves or clocks - the list is endless.  

Wall decor is fundamental to the interior design, and it's a large part of what makes your place unique and stands out from others. Once you have a mood board of wall decor ideas - a selection of inspirational images - you are steps away from making your place that much more charming and welcoming.

Wall Decor Placement

First of all, take a look at the wall you’re going to fill to decide how much space you are going to use. A good rule of thumb is to choose art that takes up the width of the wall, minus 6-12 inches on each side so that it stays centered.  If you are hanging anything above a sofa, bed or table, make sure that the decor is the same length as the furniture.

Next, you need to decide how high your wall art will hang. Most people think this part is easy, but actually - to the professional’s eye, it is a decision that most people get wrong. Most suggest aligning the artwork to your eye level so that people do not have to bend their necks to look up or down at it.

There are multiple ways you can attach tapestries and art to the wall.  If it does not weigh too much, you consider using adhesive removable mounting pads and avoid making another set of holes in the wall that you will eventually have to fill back in - especially if you are renting the place.

Less is More

Depending on the size and the atmosphere of your space, sometimes the best thing to have is nothing on the walls.

It might seem unusual to start this list with "nothing”, but it is something that you ought to consider - especially in a time where people do not want to buy in regret, waste money and eventually throw it away as waste. With so many charming options for wall decor available, you may be influenced to choose what you think would be the best for your place and end up being wrong. Your wall may not need anything at all and is fine as is because the selection of furniture and space of the room is enough.


Flat Paintings and Photos

Paintings with good frames can add a lot to the room without having to paint a wall or have obstructing items take up space. A popular style of painting that adds color to a wall and is safe in terms of style is a simple colorful background. Streaks of pinks, purples, oranges, and yellows create a sunset or ocean-atmosphere. Greens and brown add a more earthy feel. This style of painting allows you to add bursts of color to your room without painting the wall.

Our phones and computers are filled with images and photos that we have collected over the years. Displaying the best ones on the walls of your apartment allows you to share your memories and taste. Make sure to get them printed in the highest quality. Canvas or framed both work and the way you hang them all can also create a design on the wall. Have them lined up evenly one by one; or create diagonal, squared or circular shapes for a more interesting effect.

Mirrors & Boards and Shelves

Make your wall decor functional too. Mirrors are a great way to create more depth in a room while at the same time providing a reflection for those last-minute check-ups before you leave your home.

Blackboards are a great way to keep a note on groceries, to do’s, important dates, or just be a place where kids can have fun and draw. It can be stuck to a wall in the kitchen or anywhere else it might be useful and fitting.

Shelves are useful for putting displaying items that don’t have a home yet. Books, vases, decorative items, resting on a shelf can add their own decor to the room. Get a little creative when you put up the shelves. Try out some different ideas on how to set up the shelves one above or beside the other to get a more abstract final outcome.


Tapestries and Other Textile Art

Printed-on, painted-on heavy cloth and often hung by a decorative rod,tapestriesadd a touch of class to an apartment. Tapestries are an old art form and a good design can be difficult to come by compared to other types of wall hangings, and so they're often not even considered by many apartment dwellers. But a well-placed tapestry can add warmth and variety to an apartment's decor.

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