Veganism: Myths and Facts

Veganism: myths and facts

In a world where meat-eating is the norm and not the exception, there are vegan myths and misconceptions that abound regarding the vegan choices that we elect to make. From answering supposedly hilarious questions such as “Do you live on apples and twigs?”, from people with little knowledge of veganism to encountering misinformation about veganism in the media, vegans have a lot to contend with.

Here are some of the commonest veganism myths that have come to be associated with these dietary choices.

Veganism is hard!

I really do think there are a lot of harder experiences you have been through in your life than cutting out animal products from your diet. Veganism is just like any other new change you have experienced in your life.

Just like starting a new job, starting a new workout, starting a new relationship, or starting a new lifestyle. You will without a doubt be uncomfortable sometimes, be frustrated, be annoyed(mostly by other people), but once you get into your routine, it becomes a part of you and it won’t even be a second thought.

Check out our beginner's guide to going vegan which goes into how to start being vegan easily in a modern world.

A Vegan Diet Makes You Weak And Malnourished 

An imbalanced diet, vegan or otherwise makes you weak. Veganism may be all about living more gently on this planet, however, this ethical school of thought is juxtaposed with the medicinal angle. Says Dr. Usha Ganpati, Head of Department of Anesthesia, Safdarjung hospital who sees large proportions of patient’s day in and day out,

The Vegan diet is incomplete and lacks key vitamins and vitals that the body needs in small quantities such as iodine, taurine and vitamin D. These need to be supplemented, especially vitamin B12 which is the most common and does not naturally occur in plant proteins. We should also stick to a balanced diet, eat everything in moderation and indulge in our favourite foods occasionally just as our ancestors did. So, consult your nutritionist before making some radical life-altering changes.

Vegan Food Is Only For The Rich

Locally sourced and freshly produced vegan food is more affordable and readily available than you think. Staples such as dals, rice, potatoes, grains, etc. available in your local Kirana store are cheaper than meat and dairy. Just do the math and you’ll see for yourself! A meat-centered diet costs more than the legumes section in the supermarket and just like everything else food prepared at home is cheaper than dining out at a posh restaurant.

Take it from Dietician Priya Kapoor, “If you choose to go in for the organic-only and hyper selective route of pay for it now pay for it later then it definitely is more expensive. Else it’s just like normal food. But yes! Nuts and seeds are a little expensive for the average consumer.”

Veganism Gives You Anemia

There are many excellent vegan dietary sources of iron. In fact, experts have opined that it is possible that vegan diets actually contribute to the body’s increased efficiency in terms of iron absorption.

Vegan Diets Are Calcium And Protein Deficient

Though vegans choose not to have milk and milk products, it doesn’t follow that their diet is calcium or protein deficient. Research has shown that vegan diets have no negative impact on bone density. This is because animal protein actually pulls calcium from the bones to weaken them, which doesn’t happen with vegans who consume healthier plant proteins.

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