8 Amazing Vegan Models You Should Know About

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8 amazing vegan models you should know about

Over the past few years, veganism has caught on and grown at a massive rate, which is excellent news for the environment and for animals.

However, what’s heartwarming about veganism is the fact that it has touched people from all walks of life, many of whom have experienced improved health and quality of life since transitioning to eating more plants.

The following is a list of our favorite female vegan Instagram models, some of whom started out struggling with health and weight issues, but found health and empowerment through a vegan lifestyle.

Beyond their physical appearance, these women are also great role models that help us to dispel myths about living a vegan lifestyle.

Many meat-eaters claim that losing animal proteins will make their body appear frail, that their skin will show age, or that they will have to work harder to meet their macros.

Fortunately, these models prove that these preconceived notions are a sign of the past. Read on for some inspiring stories from some of the most gorgeous vegan women on IG. 

#1 Dr. Angie Sadeghi


First, let's start with someone who is more than just a vegan fitness model. Like many on this list, Dr. Angie Sadeghi wasn’t always as ripped and lithe as she looks now.

Before her days as an Instagram influencer, she was overweight and had low energy, a state that she describes as that of “a typical doctor.”

Nine months after transitioning to a plant-based vegan diet, Angie underwent a dramatic body transformation that had her physique looking like that of a fitness model, and her energy levels went through the roof. 

The best part is that she lost all of that excess weight without having to starve herself, and she only spent 25 minutes at the gym each day. 

As a gastroenterologist, Angie recognizes that a vegan plant-based diet heals gut bacteria and improves overall digestion and gastrointestinal health, benefits that she has experienced since going on the vegan diet.

On Angie’s IG account, you can expect to see pics of her working gout, doling out sound health advice, and generally promoting a message of vibrant health.

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#2 Michelle Muench


Looking at yoga enthusiast and model Michelle Muench, you’d never say that she once struggled with health issues. 

Today, she is a sprite and vibrant mom-of-one that lives to share inspiring content with others while encouraging healthy eating and living.

Her IG account is filled with vegan and yoga inspiration, and if you head over to her YouTube channel, you’ll be in for a laugh thanks to her now-famous car rant vlogs.

You might even find some inspiration on what to pack for your vegan kid’s lunchbox or where to get organic veggies if you’re in a situation where you can’t grow your own.

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#3 Tia Blanco


Long-time professional surfer Tia Blanco discovered veganism at the age of 16 when she found out about the plight of animals in the meat and dairy industry.

She went vegan on the spot and never looked back since.

Some of the benefits that she saw after going on a plant-based vegan diet were that her surf performance and overall quality of life improved immensely.

Nowadays, she uses her platform as a surfer and models her passion for the vegan lifestyle, surfer fashion, and love of animals. Her IG feed is peppered with images of her competing in surfing competitions (or just enjoying a few waves for the fun of it), bonding with cute farm animals, and serving some serious bikini bod inspiration. 

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#4 Jayde Nicole


Famous Canadian model Jayde Nicole attributes her physique to the fact that she lives a vegan lifestyle.

According to her, she’s able to effortlessly maintain her weight regardless of whether or not she works out, which is a far cry from her situation before she went vegan.

According to Jayde, she had to consistently workout to maintain her shape, and if she so much as missed a few days at the gym, it would show on her body. 

Nowadays, she can skip the gym for weeks and still look the same thanks to her vegan lifestyle.

Jayde doesn’t just look good in a bikini, however, but is a certified plant-based nutritionist, food educator, and environmentalist.

Follow her IG if you want vegan physique inspiration, travel inspiration, as well as tips and info on how to stay healthy while traveling.  

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#5 Grace Beverly


As her Instagram handle implies, Grace is a fitness junkie that’s thriving on plants.

Grace is not only motivated by the physical results that she gets from being vegan, but also by the impact that her lifestyle has on the planet and the animals. 

She empowers others through fitness and healthy living, and in turn, she feels empowered by the conviction she gets from living in integrity with her ideals.

According to Grace, a plant-based vegan diet has given her more energy than she could ever have imagined possible, and she attributes her improved sleeping patterns to her vegan lifestyle as well.

Follow her IG account for excellent fitness inspiration and some great fitness routines for beginners to advanced athletes. 

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#6 Samantha Shorkey


Samantha is the world’s first vegan World Naturals BIKINI PRO and has the most beautiful and youthful-looking skin thanks to leading a vegan lifestyle.

In fact, people often think that she’s younger than she actually is, and according to her, the aging clock started moving backward for her when she went vegan.

Check out Samantha’s Instagram if you want to see how going vegan can help you to lose weight and smash your fitness goals.

As a fitness coach, her page is filled with testimonials from her clients who have lost fat and excess weight while gaining muscle and confidence on a vegan lifestyle.

There’s also a fair bit of helpful information on how to stay healthy as a vegan, and since Samantha is a bikini model, you can expect to find a few bikini shots that’ll inspire anyone to hit the gym. 

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#7 Lillian Aguilar


Plant-based nutritionist, fitness coach, and bikini competitor Lillian is no stranger to weight struggles.

Not too long ago, she was overweight, had skin problems, and low self-esteem throughout her adolescence and early adulthood.

Similar to Dr. Angie Sadeghi, Lillian Aguilar experienced dramatic weight loss results after adopting a plant-based vegan diet.

Since transitioning, her acne cleared up, and she lost a considerable amount of weight in just a few months.

Pretty soon, she had enough energy to go to the gym and later became a fitness model, personal trainer, and nutritionist.

Her IG is the perfect place for aspiring fitness models, as she regularly posts pictures of her competing in events, training, and more.

Needless to say, Lillian is an excellent example of how adopting a plant-based vegan lifestyle can help one to gain health and even discover their real-life purpose.

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#8 Natalie Matthews


Natalie is proof that dynamite comes in small packages.

Her fitness journey proves that you can gain muscle and compete on the world stage as a bodybuilder no matter how petite you are.

In fact, Natalie is an IFBB PRO medal winner and former surfer that has proven many skeptics wrong about her capabilities.

Not only was Natalie able to crush her fitness goals in the gym after she went vegan, but as a long-time acne sufferer, her most significant relief was seeing the complete disappearance of her acne problem.

Follow her IG account for some fresh vegan recipes, fitness tips, and more. 

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Be Your Best YOU!

If any of these healthy women intimidate you or make you feel inadequate, please remember that there is no such thing as a vegan model diet.

First and foremost, in order to get your best body, you need to know that is all starts with eating well. You have to be diligent and work hard for self-improvement.

Do yourself a favor, close the latest fashion magazine and instead read about how to eat the right foods and get the right amount of exercise from these models who live it.

Be your best version of yourself and choose a vegan lifestyle for reasons beyond your physical appearance.

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Sara Phillipps
A vegan freelance web designer and blog writer based out of Austin, Texas USA.

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