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Last Updated: April 14, 2024

There are now over half a million vegans living in Britain – it’s one of the fastest-growing movements for people seeking to embrace a more ethical, environmentally friendly way of life. It informs how we consume every day and the question of choice is now helping to drive fabric development and innovation within the fashion industry.

Bare Fashion creates a vegan-friendly high street for one day, giving visitors the chance to discover and shop with the addition of the all-important experiential, educating and inspiring live content, the highlight and USP is the Catwalk along with talks, beauty treatments and of course food and drink.

The Speakers

Brand new to Bare Fashion this year is the addition of two panels, one covering vegan fashion and the other vegan beauty. There will also be live make-up tutorials and discussions on the topics of sustainable fashion, the vegan fashion and beauty industry as a whole and much more.

Informative, fun and not one to miss!

  • LMARTA CANGA: The Vegan Fashion Panel of speakers will be hosted by Marta Canga, a vegan fashion, and sustainable fashion.
  • SASCHA CAMILLI: Author of Vegan Style: Your Plant-Based Guide to Fashion, Beauty, Home & Travel and Editor-In-Chief of online.
  • KAY LOVELLE: Vegan Fashion activist, passionate about Bio Fabrication – she keeps up to date with sustainable vegan-friendly.
  • NICOLE – VEGAN BEAUTY GIRL: To complement our Fashion Panel, we have the Vegan Beauty Panel. There is no one more qualified for this than.
  • EM-J: Renowned make-up artist Em-J has worked on London and Paris Fashion Weeks and with many famous photographers.

The Event

The show’s official hair partner is Paul Mitchell, while Kat Von D is the catwalk make-up sponsor. At the heart of the event is the catwalk – a platform to showcase and celebrate a wide range of the new vegan and sustainable materials utilized by today’s designers, such as vegetable latex, pineapple leaf, organic cotton, and cork. There will be an array of vegan clothing and beauty products to purchase, a fashion panel discussion, and delicious vegan food.

The event will showcase the best in vegan clothing as well as beauty products and accessories from brands including Story 81, Skyn Iceland, Blowfish Malibu, Koi Footwear, Culthread, Washala, Pilgrim, Votch, ohros, and Ebyak.

There will be a catwalk presenting 30 looks from both high street and high-end brands, including garments made from recyclable plastic, Tencel and Orange Silk, as well as a number of vegan food and cocktail pop-ups.

A new this year will be the addition of two-panel talks, covering vegan fashion and vegan beauty with industry experts. Visitors can also benefit from live make-up tutorials and other discussions about the future of sustainable fashion.

Show organizers Sarah Lindsay told the Evening Standard: “Bare Fashion is a celebration of vegan fashion and beauty. BARE stands for Because Alternatives Really Exist – which they really do! – and we are bringing together a selection of them all under one roof.

“This show is for anyone interested in creating a fashionable, sustainable, ethical wardrobe and ensuring their beauty products are beautiful for animals and the planet, too.”

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