Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones

Vegan Christmas gift shopping is not nearly as difficult as it once was when options were so limited that all you could get were an ill-fitting Christmas sweater or even worse, a leather wallet (cringe!) Nowadays almost everything has been veganised, from the most delectable treats to fashionable apparel for the whole family. 

So if you’ve just started doing your Christmas shopping and are looking for some vegan gift inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. Leafy Souls is arguably the largest online hub for vegan goods that you can find this side of the World Wide Web and the site is continuously growing and adding more options for you to choose from.

Without further ado, here’s a handy guide on Christmas gift ideas for vegan kids, women, men and even the grandparents. Happy shopping!


Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

We all know that kids love to play and explore, which is why we’ve recommended gift ideas that will nurture your little one’s love of learning while providing them with hours of endless fun, and there’s something in there for your teenagers too!

  • Ukulele:
This rosewood ukulele is the perfect gift for the budding musician in your family. It delivers a nice, crisp sound and features a beautiful dolphin pattern design.
  • Cute Vegan Tees:

A lot of kids that decide to go vegan do so because of their love for animals, and cute T-shirts like this “WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE?” tee really demonstrate that all animals are equal and deserve our love and respect.

Plus, it’s a great way for your little animal activist to show his/her schoolmates and friends why they chose to not eat animals. You can get this tee in White, Carolina Blue, Light Pink, Orange, Kiwi, and Sport Grey.

  • Backpacks:
This Korean style canvas backpack is a hit among teenagers because it doesn’t just look good but it has a lot of space and different compartments to fit school books, stationery, clothes and much more. You can get it in colors like Soft Pink, Sky Blue, Teal, Beige and Black.
  • Jewelry Making Set:

I don’t know about you, but this Bitsies jewelry making set is one of the cutest gifts I’ve come across this year for kids. Not only is it vegan and cruelty-free, but it’s certified Fair-trade and made from hand-rolled paper beads in Uganda.

The kit is suitable for kids 5 years and up, and it’s got everything you need to create memories with your little girl while making beautiful jewelry pieces.


Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas for Women

Whether you’re shopping for your vegan wife, daughter, mom or sister, one thing’s for sure- you have loads of options to choose from.

  • Handbags:

A good quality handbag is a gift that will never go out of style, much like this gorgeous messenger bag which you can literally dress up or down and wear any time of the day.

Or you can get her this Elegant Deer Crossbody Bag to wear when she’s feeling a bit “high fashion”, or the Boho-Strap Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag for a more care-free carnival look (think Coachella).

There’s also the Vintage Leather Clutch, the classic black crossbody made from vegan leather, as well as this special vegan leather clutch which is available in a more modern style.

The great thing about all of these handbags is that they’ll take you from day to night with ease. And since they’re made with ultra-durable materials like vegan leather and canvas, you won’t miss the animal skin leather one bit!

  • Vegan necklace:
Let her “say it with her chest” with this silver necklace that spells out the word “vegan” in beautiful cursive writing, along with a nice green gem to symbolize her love for plants.
  • Faux Soft Leather Bomber:
This trendy soft leather bomber proves you don’t need leather or down fur to keep warm and look stylish in winter. Sizes run from Small to XL, while color options include Black, Blue, Pink, White, and Wine Red. Be sure to check out this bomber if you prefer a different style.
  • Shoes:

Since most women love their shoes, this guide wouldn’t be complete without a few shoe options. You certainly won’t go wrong with these timelessly chic flat vintage sandals that are made from vegan leather and feature a feminine gladiator-type design.

Or you can opt for a pair of these beautiful hand-made high heels, which come in lively colors like yellow, blue, beige and classic black.

Both shoes are perfect for warm weather conditions and they’re beautifully designed with unique features and good quality materials.  


Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

Here are some awesome Christmas gift ideas for your vegan boyfriend, husband, brother or dad.

  • Faux-leather Shoes:
These faux-leather shoes for men are comfortable, versatile and look absolutely stunning with any outfit.
  • Sporty Hoodie:

If the man in your life is a fitness enthusiast then he’ll probably appreciate this sporty hoodie with the message, “keep calm, plants have protein.” It’ll silence the haters who think that a vegan lifestyle doesn’t provide enough protein while keeping him warm on those early morning runs.

This hoodie is available in five different colors and sizes run from Small to 5XL.

  • Vegan Protein:

Speaking of vegan protein, the NAKED vegan protein powder is one of the most superior sources of plant-based protein on the market. It contains only one ingredient which is organic brown rice, and it doesn’t have any additives, GMOs, soy or chemicals.

If you pair this with the “keep calm, plants have protein” hoodie, you’ll have a really thoughtful and awesome vegan gift bundle to gift the man in your life.

  • Bomber Jacket:

Help him keep warm while looking fresh in this ultra-modern cotton bomber. He’ll look effortlessly stylish whether he’s going into the office, grabbing a drink with the boys or just running errands.

Sizes run from Medium to 3XL, and color options include Light Grey/Dark Blue, Brown/Dark Blue, and Dark Blue/ Light Grey.


Vegan Christmas Gift Ideas for the Grandparents

Adopting a plant-based vegan diet has been shown to reduce the risk and occurrence of age-related diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and dementia to name but a few.

For these and other reasons, a lot of people are coming onto the vegan lifestyle in their 60s, 70s, 80s and even their 90s! If your grandparents or a great uncle or aunt has decided to become vegan in their senior years, be sure to get them one of these timeless vegan gifts.

  • Harmonica:
Is your grandfather’s harmonica looking a little worse for wear? Get him this Premium Blues Harmonica with 10 holes that produce sweet music.
  • Tibetan Singing Bowls:

One of the perks of being in retirement is being able to rest, relax and reflect. What better way to do so than with a handmade Tibetan singing bowl?

The soothing sounds coming from these ancient singing bowls have been shown to lower blood pressure, relieve pain and promote stillness, joy as well as mental clarity.

  • Delicious Treats:
Sainsbury’s Dairy-Free Caramel Choices is perfect for your vegan ‘nana who also happens to have a sweet tooth. The main ingredients in these mouth-watering and guilt-free treats include fondant, cocoa and rice syrup for sweetness. Yum!
  • Geo Coasters:
If your grandmother enjoys homemaking and entertaining, then they’ll love these patterned brass coasters which are hand-made by Balinese artisans and are sure to stand out in any table setting.


As you can see there’s no shortage of amazing gift ideas out there for you to choose from, and there’s literally something for everyone from small kids all the way to your grandparents.

However, if you still haven’t found a gift that really resonates with you in this guide, be sure to check out for a wide range of amazing vegan apparel, accessories, tapestries and more.

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