Travel With Carry On Only

April 06, 2019

Travel With Carry On Only-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

Backpacks and mini suitcases are the way to go for easy holidays. Traveling with a carry on only gives you more freedom, saves time, saves money and leaves you with less to worry about. Contrary to what most believe, you do not need to bring so much with you when you travel. So many times has luggage been packed with items that “might” be needed. Those shoes need to go with this outfit, these earrings go with this handbag and so on. Most of the time, the luggage doesn’t even come out of the case once the first two outfits are out - making you wonder why you brought so much in the first place.

It can be hard for some to reduce to the most minimal amount. It is not in their nature. But think of all the benefits of traveling with a carry on only and how much simpler and easier life can be without excess to worry about or your luggage going missing. It’s all about creativity and minimalism.

Beauty Care

Those who love their creams, oils, and electronics will have some tough decisions to make. Instead of packing a hair curler or straightener - or both, enjoy your natural hair. If it needs some help, a basic hair oil can do wonders for keeping your hair frizz-less while at the same time giving it a glossy and healthy shine.

How much make-up do you really need? There are so many wonderful, compact, makeup cases that have everything you need for a short or long holiday. When you find that perfect box, you can get a concealer, lip gloss, mascara, eyeshadows, and eyeliner in pocket sizes that last you for months. No more piles of half-used makeup in your luggage and trying to remember which color was in which box - travel makeup boxes are the business.

Minimal Clothing

There is a pretty big difference between traveling during the winter and the summer. It gets even more complicated when you are traveling from a cold place to a warm place or vice versa. Packing for the summer can be easier. Clothing is made with light fabrics, sandals and flip flops take little space and there is enough room left for your beach towel if you need one.

Winter is a little trickier. You need to make some tougher choices about which two big sweaters you will bring with you seeing as you only have room for one in your carry on and the one that you are wearing. Maybe you can squeeze in two extra sweaters if you are lucky! Undergarments are thicker and instead of short shorts, you need to bring long pants that will keep you warm during the cold days. Packing minimally for winter is much better suited for short weekends or for travelers who don’t mind to wash their clothes repeatedly and wear the same outfit.

Organized Chaos

Packing, no matter how good you are at it, can be a chaotic endeavor. First, you must think strategically about what you really need and lay all the items flat in front of you. Then you need to split those items into half the amount. Once you have the bare necessities, you need to pack in a way so that every item has its place and easy to find what you need it at a moment’s notice. This is much easier when you have very few items to fit in a carry-on.

By giving ten or twenty extra minutes to really think about what you need to bring and how much value it adds - you will simplify your life in so many ways. Select items that are multi-use, a sweater that is good in both cold and warm weather, and colors and clothing that mix and match to make a number of outfits. Perhaps you only need a tablet instead of your laptop, tablet, and phone.

Luggage Choice

You will be surprised at how much you can pack when you have the right tools. Selecting the perfect bag or luggage will bring a whole new outlook on traveling with a carry on only. If your Tetris skills are at their best, it is amazing how much you can fit into a well-organized backpack that has compartments for everything. This makes life so much easier when you are thinking about what to bring and where it will fit.  

Do you need a place for your book, your tablet, your makeup, and your laundry? The best backpacks out there have designated spaces that are easy to access so that you never have to open your whole bag in front of everyone, revealing all its contents, as you look for what you need. It also makes packing on the go much easier. When you know what you have and where it has to be in your luggage, you can collect and pack all your items in record timing.

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