Top Ten Vegan Myths Debunked!

September 13, 2019

top ten vegan myths debunked!

A whole food plant-based diet is the healthiest diet out there that can not only help you reach optimal health and your ideal weight, but also reverse diseases. Even if you're not interested in going vegan, it's always great to hear the truth about one of the fastest-growing diets on the planet. Today we are sharing 10 biggest myths debunked.

10. Plant-Based Diets Have A Protein Deficiency

Out of all the nutrients that you hear about protein is probably the one people bring up most when discussing their concerns about veganism. How can you get the proper amount of protein without meat? A male adult who weighs 80 kilograms 176 pounds needs about 64 grams of protein each day. A female adult who weighs 65 kilograms 143 pounds needs about 52 grams of protein each day. Well, meat isn't the only source of protein out there legumes like beans, lentils, and chickpeas can be your best option when it comes to getting the protein you need.

9. You'll Always Be Hungry

When people think of plant food they think of it in salads for every meal, but on a vegan diet calories come from whole grains and legumes such as peas, lentils, and beans these foods load you up with fiber which is what makes us feel satisfied and prevents cravings.


8. Vegan Diets Are Boring & Restrictive

There is so much food available! And nowadays, more vegans are uploading tasty recipes. Have you ever tried roasted vegetable pizza or grilled tempeh with spicy peanut sauce; or barbecued seitan or fruit crumble table with cashew cream; vegan seeds burgers and fries or grilled vegetables spicy curries Asian stir fried veggies? There are thousands of choices when you talk about vegan meals.


7. Veganism Is A Trend

A trend is something that gains an incredible amount of popularity for a brief amount of time and then sees a rapid decline in followers. Veganism is far from a trend. Research proves that a conscious choice to abstain from animal products dates back thousands of years. If you want to play devil's advocate the modern-day veganism movement started when veganism became popular in 1944.


6. Going Vegan Means Salads Forever

While it's true that it can be a challenge to be healthy in a world filled with fast-food restaurants it's not actually impossible. As we mentioned before there is an infinite amount of choices plant-based diet is more than just one subset of vegetables. Starches like rice and potatoes are still on the menu and it's important to remember that legumes, seeds, and nuts all happen to fall under the big in the category.


5. It's Impossible To Be A Vegan With Animal By-Products In Everything

A vegan doesn't consume any animal products or byproducts, but might use products that contain them including honey. We know that a large number of treats, cookies and others includes animal fat of some product derived from animals, but nowadays more and more manufacturers are creating the products without any animal derivatives as there are also many options that contain none.


4. You Need Meat For Muscle

Building a balanced vegan diet can actually work for anyone, but some say what about those with special needs? Even if you're an athlete eating vegan will work for you there is plenty of plant-based food out there conducive to working out and building muscle. But you may need to make a few adjustments, for example, you might want to up your quantity since there is a lower calorie count for males vegan meals.


3. You Can't Get Enough B12 Without Eating Animal Products 

There are really only two supplements you need to be worried about: B12 and vitamin D. Essential nutrients for preventing anemia and sustaining energy levels, people assume vegans are more prone to fatigue and other health problems but shunning animal products doesn't automatically make you iron or b12 deficient as long as you nourish your body with healthy nutrient-rich alternatives.


2. You Have Less Energy

Did you miss our examples of vegan champion athletes? We are not sure how this myth ever got started but somehow the idea that vegans have less energy because the diet is so strict made its way into the mainstream. If you talk to someone who is actually a vegan you see is just the contrary plant-based diet provides you with the nutrients you need for optimal functioning.


1. Plant-based food is expensive

This is not true. It is even cheaper to implement than to eat meat. Of course, there are a lot of expensive meals, but as in everything, there are cheaper options too. You'll be eating lots of beans, legumes and whole grains which cost less the meat of fish and they are packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals. Seasonal fruits can get more expensive, but you should be eating them in a normal diet anyway.

So we hope we have debunked the myths for you. Veganism is here to stay and the more you contribute to the diet, the better it will be for our planet and your body!

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