Top 5 things You Carry in Your Handbag Daily

Top 5 things You Carry in Your Handbag Daily-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

An organized and ready-for-anything woman has a few essential items that she needs at arm’s reach at all times. A stylish pair of shoes, a signature scent, hair products, and a cute outfit are in the list of items that a woman can keep in her bedroom or closet, but there are a few small things that can fit in ahandbag and add to a woman’s confidence and sense of preparation.

There’s a reason women can’t imagine departing their home without a handbag: it’s not just the bag’s basic aesthetic value that makes women so attached (though that’s certainly a part). It’s what’s in the bag that makes a person feel they can’t be without it. Even worse, when a handbag gets stolen or lost, the whole world collapses as everything they hold dear is inside.

Preparation is Key

Purse provisions need to be well thought out so that no matter what the situation - a last-minute call from a friend to have a drink, a spontaneous outing to a public affair where people you know and want to give a good impression to are on the attendee list - you are set, ready and excited to go and mingle with everyone.

Everyone has a select few necessities that help them feel prepared for the outside world. Some opt for carrying a larger handbag where there is room to fit most things - including flat shoes for when your feet are too tired for those heels - however, carrying a large bag can lead to accumulating unnecessary items that you thought you'd use but never did and you end up lugging around all that extra weight when there is no real need. It is best to take a small, cute handbag for your daily endeavors and to pack the most essential items.

Being well equipped for every situation is a safety net. And for that, knowing what to keep in your handbag is essential. Usually, these include items that fall under the categories of essential, compact, and multi-use. To help prepare you for the surprises that life tosses without overstuffing your bag (and overloading your shoulders), here are 5 items you should always put in your handbag before leaving the house.


Tissues fall into a category of many uses; to clean your nose, to dry your tears or to wipe off the dirt that somehow found its way onto you. It is also an item that helps others. How many times have you been asked for a tissue or wanted to help someone by giving them a heads-up that they have something that they probably would prefer not to be there?

The increasing number of people with allergies, hay fever or asthma is not surprising in today’s climate and air quality. Having tissues can save you last minute when you sneeze while traveling, just before an interview or when your children have a cold.


Lip Balm

No matter what you're up to all day, most of you are probably sitting in a location which is indoor, closed and has managed air temperature. Any climate-controlled room has a high likelihood of dehydrating your skin and lips, leaving you with dry, chapped lips by the end of the day. Not only do dry lips feel terrible, but they don't look great for appearances either. Carrying a small lip balm which takes up almost no space in your bag is an excellent way to deal with this problem.

Not only that, lip balms like Vaseline can act as lip balm, blister prevention, makeup remover, and a moisturizer all in one small case that will fit into most handbags.

Sanitary Pads

No matter how regular you are, you can never be too prepared for your period. It usually picks the worse time to arrive: the first day of traveling, on a night out, or a day at the beach. Having an extra sanitary pad can save you a lot of hassle and embarrassment. Even if your period didn't surprise you in the midst of a busy day, someone else's around you could have and your help can save your friend/colleague’s day.

A Healthy Snack

Perhaps you are a person who likes to nurture or you just know yourself so well - packing a little snack in your handbag can be life-saving. You can be anywhere in the world, miles away from a store, and your tummy begins to call. Instead of feeling faint and desperate for food, you can put your hand in your bag and pull out something nutritious. Pack food that is high in protein and with carbs so that you have energy and you are nice and full. Being prepared with food also avoids you having to buy food that is full of sugar and unhealthy.

A Portable Charger

You are in the middle of nowhere, alone and your phone dies. Suddenly, the world becomes dark and scary. Mobile phones have become security for people. It has access to your contacts, your GPS, your banking to name a few features. When you see that “low battery” notification, there is nothing better than knowing you have a portable charger at the ready. Just make sure you have juiced it up before leaving the house!

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