The Logic Behind Wearing Socks with Sandals

Logic Behind Wearing Socks and Sandals-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

Wearing socks and sandals is a general faux-pas, for most. But for those who like to rock the two together, you are not alone. This trend that is found all over the world and among all different classes of people actually dates back to ancient times with the Romans wearing socks with their sandals. Some argue that wearing the two together keeps feet clean and healthy, others wonder who wear sandals if not to give your feet some air. Whether you are for or against the trend, socks and sandals have been around for a long time and they are here to stay.


Wearing Socks and Sandals On the Catwalk

The late Karl Lagerfield, an icon in the fashion industry used to wear sandals with socks back when most people were daring to wear flip flops out in public. For some, using flip flops or sandals with socks categorized you as someone who was F.O.B (Fresh off the boat). This usually means that you are an immigrant with no money and few belongings.

But today is a different story. Over the years even the biggest brands have sandals with socks strutting down the catwalk during fashion week.Since hitting the runways at Dior, Burberry and Marni, the socks and sandal trend has slowly been gathering steam with the high-fashion crowd. You can buy Teva sandals with complementary Woolrich wool-blend socks for $65 at select Urban Outfitters stores.


Its Own Thing

 The trend has become so big that it even has its own term: socks and sandals are referred to as “slides” by brands. Even now, stylish celebrities like David Beckham wears the style. But different cultures have different opinions. For example, older Germans are happy to trek about with the combination keeping their feet nice and cozy. However, in the Czech Republic and Poland, the style is seen as ungainly and low class. In America, the style has become so popular that search engines show high rankings for “socks and sandals”.

In general, we don’t really understand why a style is cool or not. In 2017, Prada combined thick, mottled hicking socks embellished with bright coloured stripes and zigzags with strappy velcro sandals. But of course, the Italian brand took something inherently viewed as tasteless by most, including velcro, and glorified it up to the point where it looked brilliant on the runway.  In short, as long as you are wearing statement socks, you can get away with this look and still be a fashionista.


You Need Great Socks

The best way to pull off this trend is to stick to statement socks that are delicate and ladylike. The sparklier, the better. Lace, playful prints and semi-sheer materials that can be seen from a distance are also great. As for shoes, there are so many sandal styles that pair well with statement socks, depending on how dramatic you want to go. Block heels with an ankle strap can be easy to pull off. You don’t have to stop at sandals, either. Statement socks can look stylish with ballet flats, oxfords, and beyond.



The majority of those against wearing socks and sandals feel that it defeats the purpose of the two items. Sandals are made to showcase feet and socks are supposed to do the opposite, to cover feet. Sandals were made for bare feet, otherwise - why would they have an open toe? Wearing ballet shoes with socks makes more sense, yet people opt not to wear socks and don’t use anything with ballet shoes. It’s all topsy turvy when it comes to fashion.


Aesthetics and Rebellion

For some, fashion is not supposed to be practical. In fact, it is an aesthetic action that demonstrates your opinion. If you don’t want to conform to the norm, wearing socks and sandals is a great way to show that you do not care about what others think and you do as you please - that is until of course, it becomes the norm. Still, fashion is a way for people to make a statement no matter what connotations arise from others.  For some, it is not a question of courageous fashion choices that compels one person to wear or not wear socks with sandals, it is simply one of personal style and aesthetic preference.


Comfort First

In an age where comfort is king, it is not surprising that the trend has taken over the streets. During fashion week, many guests arrived with their “slides” - wearing bright colored socks with chunky, thick open toe heels. Consider how some strappy shoes tend to rub blisters into your feet--Well, now you can either choose a softer material like with women's canvas sandals or place a barrier in between.The trend is spreading like wildfire. On the bright side, wearing socks and sandals might trick your brain into thinking that it is still summer season. Socks also have their time in the limelight. They steal the show as long as you do it properly. And so they should, socks are a great, comforting clothing item and they deserved to be showcased.

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