Tapestry Bracelets

May 03, 2019

Tapestry Bracelets-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

Bracelets and Weaving

In addition to learning how to make a tapestry hanger, weaving bracelets with tapestries is also a fun activity for any age group. They look great, you can customize with any colors you’d like and you can even opt for beads and trinkets making your bracelet different from the rest. Looking to make something pretty and fun from a fairy tale? Or perhaps you are a trekkie and want to copy the Vulcan bracelet that you’ve seen on the show.

There are so many tutorials or bracelet weaving kits available for you to buy with instructions. This means that you shouldn’t be nervous about weaving if it isn’t your thing! This project will help you step by step towards a finished accessory. Once you have completed this tutorial, you will be closer to creating your own big tapestry! Check out our Galaxy Tapestry collection for design ideas!

Skill Level

We are going to start with simple materials. This particular guide is for intermediate to advanced creators who have already gone through some of the basics including setting up the looks and needle weaving. If you would like the kit, check out Claudia Chase’s successful  Mirrix Loom online. The kit includes a small loom if you don’t have one already. A loom is needed for this project.

Let’s get started!

Setting Up the Cord

You will need a 3 mm cotton cord which you will use as a frame for the bracelet. Wrap the cords around a circular mold that is similar to the size of your wrist. The bracelet should not be too tight, but tight enough not to slip down your wrist to your elbow. You can use a cardboard tube or a small jar as your mold.

Once you have the mold ready, wrap the cord and place a wooden button. This will be your clasp. You can sew the button to the cord at a loop. The button should have 2 holes so that sewing it to the loop is an easy task. You can now remove the cords and the button from the mold.

DIY Loom

Next, take the foundation of your bracelet and tie one loop end (without the button) to the top of the loom and the other end with the button to the bottom. You are almost ready to start weaving. If you do not have your own loom, you can create one! It’s very simple. All you need are three pieces of wood (one long piece and two smaller, equal pieces).

Put the long piece of wood on the ground, flat - and attach the smaller pieces so that they are sticking out. You should be able to stand the loom like a little stepper. ATtach some pegs symmetrically to the smaller piece of the loom.

You should have four visible cords from the two loops. This is where you will weave in and out.

Beginning the Weave

We will use the simplest technique for weaving - the plain weave. It only consists of one sequence. It is best to use an oversized needle for handling - especially if you are a beginner. Take a piece of the string that you will use to weave. Select any colour you’d like! Start the weaving process at from the top-end of the looped cord.

At the start, the weave may be a little bit loose and untidy. Don’t worry, we will fix this! Continue to work down the chords, weaving in plain weave. After each pass, gently pull the loose end in order to tighten the string. You will find that you have a crossover between the chord strands.

Securing the Loop End

This is where the loop size is decided and the weft strings are tightened. Place the large tapestry needle over the loose ends at the loop end of the weave. You can draw some tension on the weave and tighten up the weft just a bit so it is even. Don't overtighten this part. Leave the warp strand loops big enough for the button! Test this before finishing the weave.

For extra safety, you may opt to use a thinner needle and thread to secure the end of the strings by sewing a few stitches through the cords. Once you have reached halfway down your bracelet, you can start to bring another color of thread.

Continue with the new color until you get to the bottom of the loom where your button is. Secure the end of the new thread by looping and sewing the ends to the same place where you sewed the button to the cord. You no have a finished tapestry-woven bracelet!

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