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April 27, 2019

Summer Hand Bags-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

We’ve been through thelatest bag trend for girls, but which of the trends should you really focus on this summer? We will walk you through which styles are the biggest this year and which handbags you should treat yourself too as you stroll through the streets of the city, the roads of the countryside or beside sandy beaches.

According to  Dandelion Chandelier, this summer boasts designs that are full of color, creativity, and femininity.

Square, Rectangles, Orbs, and Abstract Triangles

Geometric shapes took over this year’s catwalks. Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, and Marni went all out and chose to make their pieces unique by getting playful with the bag design. Orbs, cubes, trunks, waves, and parallelograms took center stage as they wowed the audience. Without getting too futuristic, the bags are designed using classic styles that keeps the trend appropriate for today’s fashion world.

Designers lightened the mood by making a lot of the handbags petite and whimsical. Pastel colors and cheerful brights helped to keep this trend an easy fit for most attire.  

Victorian Boho

Boho has not completely gone out of fashion yet. Now the style is getting a  “modern art” touch as designers showcased crochet pouches and tote bags during the show. The style of craftsmanship in the bag varies.

Traditional South American crochet is still perfect for the beach while a Victorian-inspired shape handbag can bring crochet into the world of glamour. Adding a silver ring as the handle will give it that added inspiration of class.

Belt Bags

The one strap wrap or cross-over trend has become big due to the increase of people on the go who prefer to have a practical and stylish option. There are so many different styles of belt bags and each has different names.

The belt bag can go around the waist and have a small handbag or pouch attached to it. This is a style seen back in medieval ages when most people walked around and had a few coins on them. It moved onto the fanny pack and left the fashion world pretty quickly - until recently.

Belt bags and saddle packs can also be worn across the shoulder. You can rotate the bag to the front of your chest, or on your back depending on the activity. Cycling on a bike? Give yourself room and ease by putting the bag on your back. When you need to take something out of it you can stop, spin the bag to your front and quickly use both hands to get what you are looking for.

Transparency is In

Clear or transparent bags are sweeping the streets and they are a great way to show people everything about you. A person of style and confidence who is not afraid to show what’s inside. You can get them in all sorts of designs including canvas handbags. Clear or colored plastic totes are perfect for any activity. Tiny little flap bags keep the minimum, all neat and easy to use.

Brandon Maxwell took the trend to a whole new level designing giant clear hat boxes and even drink cases. Why not show everyone the fantastic hat you bought for a party? And instead of packaging a drink with wrapping paper, get everyone excited immediately about the drink you brought by showing them what it is from the start - and what an extravagant way it is.

Fring Ropes & Cording

Taking inspiration from the western trend, the fringe is looking modern and fresh in a number of ways on all handbags. Keep an eye out for sliced PU-leather fringe, knotted macrame-like faux-suede fringe, and even metal fringe.

Cording and ropes add a classy nautical touch to the modern day bag. Mulberry's Hampstead bag, particularly in the mini size, has already become a favorite amongst influencers. It comes in an array of hues, and it's the versatile top-handle and crossbody along with a statement drawstring give it extra points.

Matching Sets

Matching your outfits from head to toe used to be a big fashion faux-pas. But that is no longer the case. Almost every fashion house unveiled a set of clothes with a matching bag - patterns and everything. Now you have a whole new set of outfits to create. Remember to grab similar jewelry and shoes too for that extra, last touch.

Stitched Baguettes

The Baguette is back and we love all the different styles. Whether rendered in denim with fluoro stitching or adorned in beading, these pieces are keepers and will reflect that artistic side of you. Coach’s Disney baguette with the sweet, bunny we all know from Bambi - Thumper, sold out in stores the minute it came in.

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