Staying Vegan - Why Some People Fail?


Staying Vegan - Why Some People Fail?-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

Going vegan is a difficult choice. Whether you are trying to avoid animal food products or clothes, society does not make it easy for you to stay away from what attempting vegans see as a different way of living. It is true that veganism is growing, and that the market is changing to provide a service to veganism, yet still - it is hard!

Fashion Matters

A lot of people say that you shouldn’t let money come between you and your choices. And it is true. However, for people who are used to buying cool, cheap clothes with a 50 dollar budget will find themselves pretty stuck when there is a lack of stylish choice in retail stores. A lot of vegan fashion is hippy-chic or boho and this doesn’t always fit the bill.

Quality First

When you spend a certain amount of money, you would like to think that you have invested in a good purchase. Suddenly, after a few months - your bag starts to deteriorate or your shoe straps snap off. This is the worst feeling. You have lost both your piece of clothing and the money you spent. Materials such as leather are durable and last a lifetime. Not to worry though, the best designers are researching and testing how to make vegan leather as good as the real thing.

Temptation Wins

Sometimes your body just craves meat or dairy. You walk into a restaurant and smell a roast chicken or a steak being grilled. If you were a fan of meat before, this is one of the most difficult situations to be in. Have a look at the vegan dishes that the restaurant provides and think of how tasty they will be and how much more you prefer seeing an animal alive than on your plate.

Your Body Needs It

It has been reported that some people need dairy to help line their stomachs. Doctors have even advised vegans to introduce dairy into their diets again. But for those people with IBS, or a really bad hangover - try out slipper elm. Slippery elm is a gut-healing, potentially cancer-fighting superstar. Taken from the inner bark of an elm tree, this component has been used for centuries by North American Indians and not many people know about it.

Peer Pressure

It is true that your friends do not have to change their ways just for you, but a little support goes a long way. Next time you go out to dinner with friends who are ordering plates of meat and dairy, just do your best to stick to your values. It is really hard to say no when you are surrounded by dishes that everyone is enjoying, but remember - if you stay to vegan dishes, you will feel much better in a few hours!

Waste Not

Some people prefer to say yes to food that has been given to me. It could be considered rude to say no, and food waste is also a priority for most - especially if you are hungry. Saying no to someone giving you a non-vegan meal is possible, but a lot of people prefer to eat and be grateful for what has been given to them in a world where so many people are not as fortunate.

Lack of Choice

A lot of cultures still cook with meat and dairy - and very little else. When travelling for a long time, it can be really hard to keep your rhythm going. You do not know the language ( so sometimes you do not know what you are ordering) and you are already having a hard time finding food that you like in this new world.  Instead of starving, suffering or letting your body go through the whirlwind of getting used to international food (travellers, you know what I mean), people feel the need to take a break from veganism and just adjust to their surroundings.

If you do end up losing your steady path of veganism, the important thing is not to feel bad. A lot of us were born into a culture where eating meat and dairy is the norm. When parents would bring their children to a farm to show them where their food comes from. Nowadays, this doesn’t happen anymore because nice farms rarely exist. Just do your best to stay true to your beliefs. We are all trying and are with you!

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Julie Brown
Julie Brown

I have, over the years tried several times to be vegan, though Ihave been vegetarian for most of my adult life. The choice of wonderful food available now makes the change so much easier, if all else fails there’s always PB&J sandwiches. I would like to ask about dealing with a meat eating hubby. He is great in that he cooks his own meat mostly. Also how do vegans manage with pet food. Thank you.


This is so helpful and non judgmental which is great! Going vegan has been a real struggle so I appreciate this article! Thank you


I will never turn back. Never even been tempted. I stopped eating animals cause I LOVE ALL ANIMALS. I hate animal abuse and cruelty. It’s easy for me.

Sally Straughan
Sally Straughan

Nice comforting article. Thank you

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