Round Tapestry

September 17, 2019

Round Tapestry

If you’re as drawn to handwoven textiles as I am, this project is for you! I was inspired to make this after working on some round, woven wall hangings because I wanted to translate the round design into something both decorative and functional. I went with a high contrast color scheme because I always love a bit of black and white in my decor. However,  just weaving this using one color would still add plenty of texture, even with a more subtle design.

You can easily make your own loom with a trip to the hardware store and a steady hand. Access to a sewing machine is helpful but hand-stitching your pillow will also leave you with a beautifully finished piece

If you are acquainted with the basic principles of tapestry crochet, you can also start with a round shape. To get a round shape, you need to increase. To be sure that this round shape will look good, you must increase at equal distances, without getting corners or bubbles. And sometimes you also want to integrate a motif.

It’s important that you choose the right hook according to your yarn. The wrong choice can make your work fluffy or puffy. 


-16″ pre-cut piece of round wood (can be found at your local big box hardware store or cut to size)

-14″ round pillow insert

-16″ round cut of canvas in coordinating color

-one skein of ecru cotton yarn (at least 100 yards)

-one skein of black cotton yarn (at least 100 yards)

-sixty 1.5″ black finishing nails (in case you bend some)

-two 3″ tapestry needle

-hand sewing needle

-sewing thread in coordinating color

-sewing machine (optional)


Step One: Ideally, you only want to use 50 nails for this design. Nail your first finishing nail about 1/2″ from the edge of your wood. Measure 1/2″ to the right and still about 1/2 from the edge and nail your second nail. Continue measuring and hammering nails 1/2″ apart until you reach the place where you started. Keep your nails as evenly spaced as possible. I used 52 nails in mine, but you should only use 50 for the best pattern.

Step Two: With one end of your cotton yarn, tie a loop knot. Mine is black to make it easier to see. This is what we’ll use to create your warp, the base structure of your woven piece.

Step Three: Place your loop knot over one of the nails nearest you and then wrap it up towards the nail on the opposite side. You can find this nail by counting to the halfway point. Loop it around the top of that nail in a clockwise direction (not all the way around) and back down towards you.

Step Four: Loop your yarn clockwise around the nail to the right of where you started and back up towards the top as shown. Keep your tension taut but not so tight that it pulls your finishing nails in towards you. As you fill up your loom with more yarn, you’re going to want a little bit of breathing room on your warp.

Step Five: Loop it clockwise again around the nail to the left and back towards the bottom as shown.

Step Six: Continue in this pattern until you’ve come back to where you started.

Step Seven: Loop clockwise around the first nail you started with and back up to your last empty nail on the top.

Step Eight:Measure out your yarn to the center of your wood and add about five inches before cutting it off from the yarn ball. Thread your tapestry needle and stitch under the pile where the yarns are all overlapping in the center.

Step Nine: Pull your needle through to the opposite side.

Step Ten: Pull-on your warp thread so that it squeezes all of those overlapping threads together a bit and tie a double knot. Trim until you have it 1″ tail. You’ll weave over this with your weft yarn.

Step Eleven: Stitch about 1/4″ in from the edge of the woven piece around the perimeter and stop stitching when you are about 7″ from where you started. This will leave enough room for you to turn your pillowcase right side out. Trim your cotton fabric along the perimeter where you stitched them together, but leave it longer on the part that is open as shown.  Remove straight pins.

Step Twelve:: Turn your pillowcase right side out. Insert your pillow form. Thread your sewing needle with about 16″ of thick thread and tie a knot in the long end. Start near one end of the opening from the inside of the pillowcase to hide your knot.

Step Thirteen: Use a blind-stitch to finish sewing your opening closed. Fluff and enjoy!

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