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Recycled Tapestry Creative Uses

Last Updated: April 14, 2024

You might be a tapestry fan for the atmosphere, color, and originality of this kind of artwork.

Maybe you picked up the style in a Greek house in college. Or perhaps you have a bohemian heart and personality that you express in your home decor wall styles.

No matter why you love French or other wall tapestries, chances are you may come across one old tapestry faded in a color that is past its prime. It's a problem, but don't throw that old wall or ceiling tapestry art from France away.

Focus on ideas to recycle that wall hanging or tapestries into new items for your room or ceiling that you can share with others and friends.

First, depending on the condition of the fabrics and the colors that are hanging on your walls, you can try to have it repaired, or restore it to functionality yourself.

If the hole is small and light:

  • You can utilize self-adhesive patches from the craft store. Other ideas.
  • You may also be able to sew up alight tear yourself.

But if the wall tapestry is truly done, there are ways to repurpose your old tapestry.

From bags to throws in many hues that you can drape over your furniture or headboard, there are many ways to change the look of a vintage wall piece by recycling.

Here are a few different ideas for things you can do to repurpose part of the old wall tapestries you love in your room, even after they've become a bit worn.

Recycled Tapestry Creative Uses

Make a Tote Bag

Make a Tote Bag

One great way to give your tapestry new life is to turn it into a one-of-a-kind bag (or two!) This project makes an excellent gift.

Simply cut the tapestry into pieces of fabric the height of your finished bag and twice the width you want the finished bags to be.

Then you can sew up the bottom and the side, and sew handles to the tops. If you don't have enough tapestry, try a light scrap of denim to make up the difference.

The DIY pieces you will make will be full of the colors and texture of the art that they came from.

These bags are perfect for taking along to the beach.

If some fabric remains after you are done, you can make some smaller purses out of the remnants.

Zippered pouches require techniques that are a little more involved, but if you have sewing ability and know-how to work with cloth, it shouldn't be too hard.

If you don't already know how to sew, but have an interest in it, you can find patterns, information, and inspiration online to sew your own zipper pouch.

In fact, with handbags of such uniqueness, with any luck, there's no reason you won't be ready to check recipients off your gift list.

Make Pillows or Cushions

Another idea to make an excellent decoration for any room in your home: make pillows.

This is very similar to making a bag, only in this case you will sew up the final open side after putting a throw pillow insert inside.

You can buy pillow inserts at the craft store. Simply cut your wall tapestry to the size of the pillow insert.

Make Pillows or Cushions

Once you've put the insert inside, you'll need to sew up the opening of the cushion by hand, which is not hard to do.

I love this DIY idea because it re-purposes something in your home and creates new decor to jazz up your furniture with style.

Make a Skirt

Make a Skirt

You can also turn that wall tapestry into a simple DIY skirt with a one-of-a-kind vintage look while also recycling your wall hanging.

Bespoke fashion on a budget.

If you don't know how to sew, there is site after site online with instructions on how to sew fabrics into a skirt pattern.

All you need is to sew one seam, add elastic and hem it, and your tired old wall decor becomes a wardrobe item you will love to wear, all without spending any money.

A colorful tapestry skirt goes great with a denim shirt, and exotic jewelry from around the world added as accents.

These skirts have great looks and charm and can be worn with a cotton tee or a variety of sweaters.

Make a Rug

Another creative way to repurpose your old wall tapestry into new decor is to turn it into an entry rug.

The entry rug collects a lot of dust when people walk into the house, so it's a creative way to extend the life of an old piece.

Make a Rug

Turn It Into a Sofa Throw

Turn It Into a Sofa Throw

If the damage to the wall tapestry doesn't cover the entire space, you can simply trim off the damaged piece and give the tapestry new life as a throw to jazz up your sofa.

You can recycle and create a unique decoration out of textiles at the same time.

You can use the same method to create a new bedspread to cover your bed or to throw over your headboard.

Make New Art

If you have a passion for art, you can repurpose the wall tapestry or tapis into a backing for needlepoint.

Embroider it, using the wall tapestry in place of linen, as an embroidery canvas that is usually used for needlework.

For really luxurious creations, you can use a variety of silk threads instead of wool ones.

Make New Art

An old tapestry with fabric too far gone can be folded up comfortably, to become a beloved pet's bed or bedspread.

In the corner of the bedroom, a tapestry reused in this way can add a vintage look to a bedroom. The tapestry gets a new life, and your bed gets a warm place to sleep.

If there aren't large pieces of fabric that are salvageable, you can cut the wall tapestry into ribbons. They make great ribbons to use when wrapping gifts.

A very damaged wall tapestry can also be put down on a work surface to protect it when you're doing craft projects with messy materials.

And if the integrity of the fabric content is compromised, and otherwise unusable, tear it into kitchen rags to use to clean the carpet and windows, or polish the furniture.

If the tapestry is significant, you'll have lots of old kitchen rag items to share with your friends. Other ideas - take the tapestry to a beach picnic for use as a beach picnic blanket.

Use spray starch to adhere a strip of the fabric materials to the walls to be used as wallpaper and feel like a king in a castle.

No other women will have a wallpaper of such designs. You can use the same solution to cover a lampshade with an old mandala.

If the tapestry is in relatively good shape, you can make a curtain that you design for your window on a budget.

Tablecloths or wall panels are more design ideas.

So this text article has given you a word story with many uses for a recycled wall tapestry in your home.

In essence, there are options for things that you can use for decor designs in any room or space, no matter what style or effect you want.

Whether you are recycling the former decoration into wallpaper or items of different designs and styles, there is an idea in here for you.

We've given an account of categories that make sense, the rest of the parts of ideas for repurposing tapestries in a room or on the ceiling are up to you.

For more tapestry info, check our shop navigation here or our blog navigation here.

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