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6 Products You Won’t Believe are Vegan

Last Updated: June 11, 2024

The reasons people give for not going vegan are typical and usually predictable. “It’s too hard” or “What will I even eat?” are two of the biggest complaints. However, if you’ve spent any time on a vegan diet, you know this isn’t true. Not only is it easy and fun to learn vegan cooking, but it’s also easy to find the convenience you want from your snacks and on-the-go options. 

While many products market themselves as vegan, there are plenty of foods out there that are “accidentally” vegan! This means they weren’t intentionally made just for vegans, but they’re safe for us! 

You may have just figured these classics aren’t vegan-friendly, but surprise - they’re all good!

Key Takeaways

  • It’s easier to go vegan than you think
  • Lots of classic foods and snacks are actually vegan
  • You can be vegan even with a busy lifestyle

6 Accidentally Vegan Products

1. Skinny Pop White Cheddar Popcorn

Skinny Pop Popcorn hit the market with a splash in 2010. Unlike similar packaged popcorn snacks, this product featured simple, healthy ingredients with few calories. It was also easy to see that the original flavor was vegan-friendly, made only with sunflower oil and salt. 

Less obvious, though, is their white cheddar edition! At first glance, the “cheddar” feels like a dead giveaway for vegans to steer clear. However, the ingredients list a “natural non-dairy cheddar flavor.” Not only is cheddar nowhere to be seen, but they specify no dairy. 

If you’re missing that classic, creamy version of this all-time favorite snack, feel free to indulge in Skinny Pop. It’s an easy go-to for a movie night, or their single-sized packaging is perfect for a road trip, day out, or other fun time with family and friends. 

2. Ritz Crackers

Crackers are a popular snack for a reason - they’re incredibly versatile and satisfy that need for a salty crunch. There are a plethora of cracker options on the market, ranging greatly in both price and nutrition. 

Ritz crackers are a well-loved classic. They’re soft, dippable, and buttery - though no real butter is present! The ingredients are entirely vegan-friendly, so you can enjoy these yummy little rounds guilt-free. The simplicity of these crackers also makes them great for packing in kids' lunches - even the pickiest of children will have trouble finding fault with this easy snack. 

Some like Ritz crackers plain, but you’ve got plenty of options, too. Hummus is a popular vegan dip, or you can pile some fun things on top. Tomato and avocado make a great combination, but other ideas include vegan cheese, your favorite spread, or other veggies!

3. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars

Granola bars are the epitome of convenience. You can throw them in your bag for a day trip, grab one on the way out the door, or have a quick snack during a busy day. Depending on the bar, they can also be a very healthy choice, often high in protein, fibre, and other nutrients. 

The problem is that bars marketed specifically to vegans tend to be expensive, and it’s sometimes hard to get the flavors you want. Nature Valley is a popular brand with many bars and other snacks on the market. A fan favorite is their crunchy bars—we love them even with the crumbs! 

Although they’re not a known vegan brand, some of the crunchy bars in their lineup are vegan! This includes classic flavours like cinnamon and roasted almond.

4. Flying Goose Sriracha Mayo

Mayo is a popular sandwich condiment that adds a creamy texture and a tangy flavor. Unfortunately, it’s made with eggs and entirely inappropriate for a vegan. This is why many immediately turn away at the mention of “mayo” in any product name! 

Particularly disappointing is sriracha mayo—fewer combinations are as delightful as sriracha and mayo. Often served at restaurants, it’s a fantastic complement to many dishes, to the point of becoming an at-home staple. 

Although mayo is, in fact, in the name, the sriracha mayo from Flying Goose is egg-free! Its classic taste comes from garlic, mustard, and various other plant-based ingredients.

5. Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

Few deny that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It wakes up your metabolism and kickstarts your energy, so you shouldn’t leave the house without some food. However, many also find this incredibly challenging. Between school, kids, jobs, traffic, and more, mornings can be hectic. 

Whether it’s first thing in the morning or a lazy afternoon snack, nothing beats the warm, cozy convenience of fresh crescent rolls. They’re the perfect way to easily bolster your breakfast and help fill you up for the day ahead. 

This is why any carb-loving vegan will be thrilled to know the classic, buttery goodness that is Pillsbury Crescent Rolls are perfectly vegan-friendly!

6. (Most) CLIF Bars

The CLIF bars are last on our list of tasty, convenient, and surprisingly vegan eats. These bars are known for including some healthy ingredients and being high in protein. They’re great for an energy boost and tend to be filling. 

While not every iteration is vegan, many are, including some in the line of “classic” CLIF bars. Many who frequent the gym use these for a boost before a session or to help recover afterwards! The higher-calorie options can make a great breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up. Plus, their rich and potent flavors make them a delight to eat.


Even those who have already gone vegan sometimes struggle with what to eat in certain situations. We often have to bring our own food to an event, and cooking a meal isn’t always conducive. That’s why there’s nothing wrong with sometimes relying on ready-made snacks and portable options - such as the ones listed here. 

Remember to read labels for yourself! A “vegan” label makes life easier, but don’t rule something out based on assumption. Hopefully, adding these classics to your list of convenient and accessible options will help make the transition a little easier! 

Do you know of any other “accidentally” vegan products we could add to this list? Let us know in the comments!

About the author, Steph


I've been a vegan for many years now and I do it just as much for the animals as for my own health! It started with a need for healing and quickly blossomed into a committed lifestyle choice. I love sharing my knowledge, experience, and passion for it through my writing.

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