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Make A Tapestry Hanger-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

Do you have a beautiful textile picked up from a thrift store or an international trip? Maybe you have a hand-me-down quilt or a wall hanging with a beautiful print that you want to showcase on that bare wall in your apartment? 

You could just tack it to the wall, but that can ruin your wall hanging and mar the surface of your wall. 

Enter the tapestry hanger. 

Don't know where to get one? Why not try to make it yourself? It's not hard, and there are many ways to hang a lovely textile on your walls.

Maybe you are wondering how to display your tapestry? There are many ways to hang a tapestry. Whether you inherited it, bought it, or created your own masterpiece, we'll help you get that piece up on display and expand your DIY chops while doing so. Be sure to check out Apartment Therapy for alternate instructions.

Who knows, maybe you'll be helping others learn how to hang a tapestry with a dowel after this experience. 

The Easiest Way

Hands down, the easiest way to get art on your wall is to drive some nails through it and call it a day.

This method is fast, easy, and cheap, and it's more likely that you have a hammer and nails on hand than it is that you'll have many of the supplies needed for these other methods.

So if this is you want to do it, go for it. But maybe you don't want to poke a bunch of holes through grandma's memory quilt? How about then? Read on and check out these options.

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Use Purpose-built Hardware

There are a couple of different options for ready-to-buy tapestry hanging hardware.

Wall Decor Rod

Products for hanging wall art are available at various retailers, including home goods and hardware stores.

You can find wall decor rods there. Like curtain rods, they typically come with brackets and decorative finials. 
Quilt hang-ups work well too for this purpose.

They are available in a range of sizes and finishes, so you will probably be able to find a rod that suits your taste.

This is an elegant way to hang up your art, but it is perhaps the most expensive option on this list.

There are two ways to suspend your wall hanging:

  1. You can use tapestry hanger clips.  
  2. Or your hanging may have a pocket that you can insert the wall decor rod into. 

If it doesn't already have one, you can fold over the top of the hanging and sew in a pocket, or use a length of fusible hemming tape or web strips (you can buy these at a fabric or craft store).

You'll have an easier time if you sandwich the fusible product in between the two pieces of fabric you are trying to bond, and press with a hot iron for 10 seconds to fuse them together.

Check that you are leaving enough space to slide your rod through.

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Curtain Rod

A curtain rod can be used for more than just curtains. Rather than installing it over a window, install it on the wall where you want to hang your art.

You can make a pocket on your hanging to insert the curtain rod in the same way, as we explained in the section above. 

Or you can use curtain rings to hang the textile. If your piece happens to have holes or grommets at the top, you can use curtain hooks.

If not, try the curtain rings with clips attached. You can clip your textile onto the circles and slide them onto the curtain rod for fuss-free home decor.

You could also use a wooden dowel if you prefer a more rustic look or want to save some money. This can be a length of wood dowel cut to size from a hardware store or building supplier. 

You can suspend the rod from nails driven into the walls, or from Command Hooks (make sure they are rated to hold the weight of your hanging).

This has the advantage of keeping your walls free of any sign of holes.

You can combine the wooden dowel method with the fusible bonding pocket method. Finish it off by screwing s-hooks into either side of your dowel, and then tie your string or rope to either hook. 

Suspend the hanging line from a nail or screw driven into your wall. If the piece is heavy, you can use a more substantial wall anchor.

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If You're a DIY Superstar ...

... and you have any experience (or even if you don't), you could learn how to build your own hangers.

There's a great tutorial here for making a clamp-style tapestry hanger.

You'll probably need to make a store run to pick up your supplies: four lengths of wood, hot glue, pan head screws, and string for hanging. 

This tutorial actually includes instructions for making your own textile art using this hanger to frame a length of fabric that you select.

It's an easy way to turn a textile you love into a gorgeous one-of-a-kind piece. When going the do-it-yourself route like with a DIY mandala design, you can add colors or touches to create a pretty, one-of-a-kind piece you will love looking at.

Another option is to use a 2x4 (buy this at your local hardware store) cut to the length you need. Paint, distress, or stain it, then use a staple gun to attach your hanging to the wood.

Mount it to the wall using store-bought mounting hardware. Please take note, however: This option will put holes in your hanging, so it's not the best choice for that heirloom quilt.

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Make a Wooden Wall Mount

Cut a piece of wood to size, stain it to your heart's desire, and easily attach your textile onto it using a staple gun.

Mount it to the wall using mounting hardware. Check that you are using one of the products with a weight limit that will support the combined weight of your mount and artwork.

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For that Rustic Look

Use one of the above methods, but attach your hanging to a piece of reclaimed wood or a tree branch from the forest.

Either of these options will read more casual and rustic, so if that describes your decor, go for it.

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How to Hang a Tapestry

Now that you've created your tapestry hanger, you'll need to know how to hang it. Fortunately, we've got a really helpful guide for how to hang a tapestry here.

There are many different techniques you can employ for the task, so be sure to check it out! After you have it hanging for a while, you'll need to know how to maintain it. We'll cover that in the next section. 

How to Care for Your Tapestry

After you have managed to attach your wall hanging, it will require minimal maintenance. Once in a while, you can brush any dust off it or vacuum gently with a vacuuming attachment.

If you feel more than this is necessary, you could send it off for dry cleaning.

Where to get a Tapestry

We're glad you asked! The Leafy Souls shop has a vast collection of tapestries to add to your collection.

Whether you paint your own tapestry (this can be as easy as painting a sign onto some drop cloth), display a woven yarn hanging bought on your travels, or choose a galaxy tapestry or world map tapestry, this type of art is a great way to cover up that blank wall and show off your style at the same time.

Feeling inspired? Try creating a tapestry bracelet!

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