Is Boho Design Over?

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Is Boho Design Over?-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

Boho Everywhere

Boho design has been all the rage over the last few years. Whether you live in s snowy country and need to add warmth, or if you live in a tropical country that loves nature - boho interiors took the world by storm.Bohemian or Boho embraces a "more is more" philosophy. Inspired by the Bohemian Revolution at the turn of the last century, interiors have been filled with mix and match objects and decorations that display a home of creativity - writers, artists, and musicians.

Natural, organic materials are also a favorite. Basic, fringe and crochettapestry collections from around the world hang on walls or are found on pillows, curtains, and throw-rugs to make a cozy hangout. Canopies over beds and living areas are signature Boho adornments. A love for nature, for comfort and for artisan creations are some of the basic features of this style.

Boho chic has been everywhere on Pinterest and Instagram with influencers posting their newest look. The bohemian decor has long offered us a way to make our homes feel simultaneously warmer, more welcoming and more interesting. But according to Etsy’s 2019 trend report, a new 2019 home decor trend will be taking the interior design world by storm in the coming months: Southern Minimalism.

Minimalism is Back

Back in the '90s, minimal décor had its moment in the limelight - a little teaser of the future as we rung in the year 2000. Space, technology, neat cut and abstract colors dominated interiors. However, it was still missing something. Inside the rooms, a feeling of severity, crispness and slight mood of cold resurrected a feeling similar to what one finds in a museum lobby more than a family home.

This year, minimal décor is back in full force under a new name with a fresh, inviting, and warm twist. The new modern style, initiated by Scandinavian brands and South American influences, encompasses lifestyles that favor a simple, clean design, all the while keeping a feeling of coziness and comfort that we all strive for in our homes.

Minimal Warmth

New modern interiors are minimal in essence, but they're never cold. To balance the clean lines and neutral color palettes, introduce lots of soft textures found in boho design through pillows and throws. Think fur, linen, velvet, wool—the more, the merrier and the more organic the better.

Inspired by Boho design, the new and modern chic style is all about including curves rather than the standard, straight lines from minimalism. Curves should be added on sofas, tables, shelves, and even mirrors. These flowing lines add softness to neutral palettes so your room will always look earthy and inviting.  In terms of paint - instead of going full-on minimal with all white, all black or one wall of vibrant color to make it stand out, the new decorum prefers tone on tone to create coziness and that southern feeling.

Southern Inspiration

So what do you mean by southern inspiration? Think Peruvian prints, cacti, straw- made objects, and pastels colors - unlike the boho trend that is filled with different colors and patterns. Where bohemian decor is about rich and vibrant jewel tones, Southwestern decor takes advantage of more washed-out shades—like periwinkle, apricot, and beige. A perfect fit with minimalism.

Where bohemian prints feel organic, Southwestern prints feel a little crisper; stripes and triangles are chosen over florals and paisleys patterns. And where the bohemian decor is curvy, drapey and loose, Southwestern decor is a little staider; it feels minimalist but not at all sterile or underdone. Southwestern home decor feels a lot like the bohemian home decor in that it involves mixed-and-matched prints, earthy textiles, and intricately carved wooden pieces. It differs, however, in palette, pattern, and style favoring a more relaxed atmosphere.

Green, Always

No matter which interior design you are going for, green is always good. Bring life into your new modern interior with statement greenery. Add a single monstera leaf in a vase, fill a jar with leafy eucalyptus branches, add an olive tree in a sunny corner, or place a hanging plant at the top of a bookcase. Let your plants steal the show in the more minimalist way.

You can also add some easy greens to maintain like the cacti - keeping to the southern look. They need very little water and fit perfectly with the earthy, neutral tones. The cacti can even grow a flower to give you that burt of color every season or two.

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Belle Escape
Belle Escape

Boho Chic has outlasted many trends and is in no way disappearing from the design scene. It is evolving like you say into a more Natural Boho Chic trend with minimal influences. Neutral color schemes with added greenery and lots and lots of textures seem to be the new wave of boho. We love it and will continue to follow wherever boho chic will go!

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