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I'M SORRY-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

I’M SORRY!  You know I am a vegan, but since you cooked up all this fine meat and dairy loaded spread for dinner tonight, I feel obligated to eat this meal to not offend you.  SAY WHAT?

Sadly, I have seen this same scenario more and more over time since taking the positive vegan stance four years ago and it blows my mind! As a vegan, I cannot wrap my brain around this nonsense of eating everything you are against just to appease the ones that condone this behavior. 

Why would anyone actually eat meat, dairy, and/or eggs after becoming a vegan?  If you do, you really aren’t vegan.  You may be plant-based and that’s a great start, but you aren’t vegan. Some perfect examples of how ridiculous this sounds are………….

If you were allergic to shellfish, would you eat crab legs?

If you were gluten intolerant would you still eat your Aunt’s homemade bread?

Would you down a jar of olives if you couldn’t stand the way they tasted?

So then why eat your mother’s Sunday roast just because she baked it all day if you consider yourself a vegan? Why would anyone with a conscience push dead on you?  Why do you have to feel bad for not consuming death?

 Is it so difficult to just go about life as a vegan without worrying about offending someone?

What is wrong with some people’s thinking?

Why would anyone feel offended that someone else doesn’t eat dead animals or their bodily secretions?  Reread that last sentence again just to see how ludicrous it sounds. The answer?  You’re a monster; a VEGAN PLANT MONSTER!

All you care about is

  • Animals (including humans)
  • Planet Earth
  • Health

“Can’t you have a cheat day?” said your boss at the company picnic.

  “How about just a few bites of ham? No one will ever know!” said your brother.

“God put these animals on Earth for us to eat! How can you deny that?” 

“You’re mother spent all day cooking this roast. How dare you disrespect her!”

“Why do you feed the ducks in the pond outside, but order a duck dinner inside the restaurant?”


To say that the disconnect in the animal/pet world is deplorable is an understatement!  How can anyone say I am an animal lover since I rescue dogs and cats and donate to the Humane Society all while eating a steak dinner? Bring up that deep question and you will be chastised as being an offensive vegan!   Why are some animals more important than others? OMG, the offensiveness of the vegans start again.

   Can you imagine if the above sentences were reworked? 

“Can’t you have a cheat day and eat just a few bites of my dog?”

“How about just a taste of my rat salad?”

God says thou shall not kill.   He didn’t mean you get to pick and choose.

You’re mother spent all day killing, skinning, seasoning and cooking Tabby your cat’s carcass.  How dare you disrespect her by not eating it?

Dad, why don’t you just combine the two and after you feed the duck, slice its throat, pluck its feathers, and ask the restaurant to cook it up for you. 


Why doesn’t the world take their student class on field trips on afternoon excursions to the slaughter houses instead of apple orchards? Too offensive?  Too horrific? Too much of a blood curdling mess of deciding to never eat an animal again? Is this more offensive than eating the pork dinner offered by your next door neighbor now that you understand just exactly how with poor animal was slaughter?  Is this why slaughterhouses don’t have windows?  And we vegans are the offensive ones?

How many epidemics of food borne illnesses due to manure and animal agriculture do we have to endure until enough is enough?  How offensive we are.

  • Coli
  • Mad Cow Disease
  • Salmonella
  • Botulism

Apparently we vegans need to just understand the “natural” causes of these diseases and throw on a slab of ribs onto our ungrateful offensive dinner plates.

It’s bad enough that we slaughter animals for food and try to brand the process as humane, but we also willingly and eagerly murder BABY animals to satisfy our “food” cravings and never blink an eye.  Don’t want to be too offensive to the meat, dairy, and egg consumers, do we?


Now is the time to just say no.   Just say no to:

  • Veal (confined baby cow ripped from its mother at birth and killed at less than six months of age)
  • Leg of Lamb (baby sheep ripped from its mother and slaughtered at usually less than six months of age)
  • Suckling Pig (baby pig murdered usually between two to six weeks old)

What is wrong with this world when we condone the slaughter of innocent animal babies?

Most of us have been ingrained with the idea that animal MEAT and two vegetables is the way to go at all of our meals.  It’s commonplace that some variation of animal corpse or secretion is included in most meals, whether at home, in the grocery stores, and/or at restaurants.

No wonder new vegans might feel apprehensive to turn down their hosts’ death filled meals! 

But why?

We’ve been ingrained since birth that animal slaughter is normal, natural, and humane.  Drinking another species milk does a body good.  Beef is what’s for dinner. Pork is the other white meat.  Chicken and turkey are healthier protein choices. The incredible edible egg is a must have for a perfect breakfast!

Simply put, vegans can feel obligated when they are put into these difficult situations when they are made to feel awkward about their compassionate choices.



This all goes back to the disconnect of everything we’ve been taught since birth.  Conform, eat whatever everyone else eats, and never question anything. Don’t think outside the box.

Raise sentient beings, slaughter, eat them, and let the cycle continue as you pick up your pretty packaged animal corpse at your local grocery store to cook for dinner.

Buck that ritual! OMG, VEGAN PLANT MONSTERS!  How offensive!

Eat vegan, shop vegan, be vegan!



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Beautiful article!!! Thank you:)

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