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How To Care For Your Faux Leather Products

Last Updated: April 14, 2024

Faux leather, or pleather, is not just a material that vegans enjoy using, but is becoming a fashion trend as well. And why wouldn’t it be when it benefits our beloved animals and saves them from harm.


Here are some care tips to make your pleather last longer and to keep it good as new.



If you can store it in an area that is not directly under sunlight, then that is the ideal place to keep it. Exposing it under direct sunlight can dry it out. Sure, it’s okay if you use it daily to work or on outings, but as much as possible, don’t expose it to the mid-day sun at all times.


Color Transfer

If your faux leather is light in color, eg. beige, white, be aware of color transfer. Sometimes, clothes like jeans that are dyed with strong colours, can transfer onto your lighter colored pleather. If you notice this, try to wipe it off with a baby wipe as soon as possible. This would stop it from further penetrating the material. A regular check of your product will also prevent this from becoming a permanent stain because sometimes, you don’t see the color unless it’s too late to be removed.


Stain Removal

Like color transfer, removing any stain is a bit tricky. Though there is one rule to remember, never use bleach. Not only is it the most drying product that you can put on pleather, but it also changes the fabric structure making it more susceptible to stains. If you do not have any leather cleaner, using a mix of equal parts alcohol and water, and then rubbing it on the product using a soft cloth and circular motion will help.


Cleaning Instructions

Before choosing any products for cleaning, always try it first on a hidden part of your faux leather item. So in case, there is an adverse reaction to it, it won’t be visible.


When you choose a cleaning product, the best question to ask yourself is – is it safe to apply to your own skin? Because anything that is too harsh on you will also be too harsh for your pleather. Harsh products will dry it out and cause its surface to break.


If you have it, the safest product to use is a leather cleaner when your product becomes dirty. If you don’t have a leather cleaner, just dab a soft cloth with warm water and wash up liquid. Make sure to wring the cloth dry so as not to have dripping water on your pleather. Finish it off by wiping it again with a dry cloth.


Next, when the general cleaning is done, get another soft cloth and top it off with a wipe of mild detergent. The cleaning product that you used is not supposed to stay on the surface for long periods of time. And if you have a faux leather conditioner, use this one instead.


Always remember that mild, regular cleaning is the best way to take care of your pleather. And not only do it when it gets stained.


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