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Home Renovation Ideas: Luxurious Yet Economical

Last Updated: April 14, 2024

Have you got an itch to upgrade your home?

A homeowner wants to remodel the entryway, design rooms, do something to the garage - but what house projects and ideas should you prioritize when planning renovations?

Here are some remodeling ideas we will break down by space.

Home Renovation Ideas

Living Room and Dining Room

Sometimes you don't need one contractor to change your space. New paint colors can do a lot for your living room.

If you want more of a makeover, you can add plants or hang a new mirror or a painting on the wall, or focus on just decorating the room a little differently.

New window treatments or rearranging your seating or reading area can have a significant impact. Depending on your aesthetics and the size of the room, you can move furniture around to create different spaces that appeal to your life - anything you want.

Go for a beach type look with light chairs, make a bar out of source reclaimed wood.

And by the way, one home office can be set up in a bedroom for a little money with the right products and things.


Not everyone has enough space outdoors to put in a pool or lots of landscaping. But adding a stone patio in part of the garden can scratch that renovation itch and create an open seat or reading nook outside your homes.

There you love to entertain guests without expensive upgrades that bust everything in your budget. This is a DIY project that you really can do yourself with instructions found online (check Youtube videos and help guides for tips and tricks from experts!).

There is tons of step by step inspiration available in guide form online for creating your perfect backyard escape, whatever one you and your friends choose.

Kitchen Inspiration

Do you have dreams of kitchens? Me too.

A kitchen renovation can be super-pricey, but you can also make smaller, lower-cost changes that result in designer style with these tips.

How can you make the best of a small spending budget? Don't replace appliances that are still in working order or the cabinetry.

Instead, choose a color palette for inspiration and renovate the kitchen around it. You can replace fixtures and a sink while keeping your existing kitchen cabinets (maybe swap out the hardware in the future).

Add an accent of glass tiles for a small detail with a significant effect.

In other words, use the options that have the highest value when thinking about makeovers and home renovations.


The bath is such a small room in your home; you don't need many materials for renovating like a design pro.

The shower is an excellent focal point to concentrate on in bathrooms.

Swap out the head to a large rain shower head that drenches you with soothing water in the bathroom. Try a glass door or doors.

Accent the ceiling and wall (or walls) with tile material in straight lines around the side of the room.

Add floating shelves for products - a toiletry storage solution and organization.

More updates: get a new bath rug and plan on matching towels for your people or family.


Your bedroom is where you can show off your personal style.

My advice:

You can new headboard for the bed with ease during a slow season (search online for a tutorial).

Interior design ideas: Reupholster a thrift-store accent chair (or two) and frame a variety of photos to place on a table at their sides.

Wallpaper has been trendy for a bit - take a chance upstairs!

You should take steps to reduce areas of clutter - do you need all that stuff on top of your dresser?

Sometimes nothing needs to be visible at eye level. Experts can recommend ways to part with an item (or three) that you don't need.

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