Home Decor Inspired by Nature

March 25, 2019

Home Decor Inspired by Nature-Leafy Souls Vegan Blog Post

Adding nature to your home adds freshness and reminds you of being outdoors. It can be hard, especially when you live in a city, to get in touch with nature. Having it in your home is a trend that has always been a part of interior design in every century. Today, homeowners are lucky that almost any type of indoor plant or furniture can be bought and added to their space.

Humans love the natural and organic attraction of flowers, trees, plants, wood, stone, and herbs. They help people feel calm and connected with nature while at the same time contributing to the scent and quality of the air as well as adding bursts of color to a room. Having furniture that is naturally made is not only good for the environment but also creates a soothing atmosphere that works no matter which design you have.

Peaceful Elements

Choose materials that reflect with your personal style and appreciation of nature. Do you feel best when you are in the woods; in a tropical country; in a cave; in the mountains or in the meadows? One homeowner may enjoy the prehistoric nature of natural rock walls in their kitchen or bathroom – while another may prefer the more sophisticated touch of dark mahogany flooring in their living room.

Simple Touches

A natural object laying around in a room can have a huge effect. Twisted branches from an old, thick dead tree with plenty of tendrils can lay on top of a stack of books giving the space a relaxing, beach feel. Giant shells found at the beach or bought while out on a walk can be used as ornaments beside the TV or the small console where you keep your keys.


Animal Inspiration

Animal prints can bring wilderness into the room. Sofas or cushions can be finished in animal print with large green palm plants set closeby. Animal print rugs and throws allow for soft, thick and furry materials that bring the homeowner even closer to that natural environment. Adding animal statues can also bring a bit more life if you are going for the real jungle vibe.


Green Leaves

If you are thinking of a new DIY centerpiece for your dining table, you can collect a group of cylindrical vases in various sizes, along with large leaves in a variety of textures and color. Put a bit of water in the vases and put the leaves inside for a natural display with a stylish twist.


Rocks that Shine

Need to add a sturdy object to your furnishings - do you want to add a bit of glimmer and shine? Oversize cut agates can add texture and depth to a table bookshelf display. Pairing these elegant natural discoveries with a thick, twisty tree branch and vase filled with freshly cut, winding twigs adds an extra feeling of natural charm and texture.


The Countryside

Natural wooden beams extending across the living room brings earthy tones. Having natural wood inside your home is one of the simplest ways to introduce warmth.Wooden ceiling beams that open and divide the roof will give the room a burst of nature on its own. However, adding a large wooden farm table and long benches on either side can bring you to the European countryside. Add straw baskets and a few plants (perhaps herbs and tea) creating a scene that
brings you outdoors straight away.


Artisan Carvings

Consider investing in some wall art that is hand-carved by talented artisans. These wall carvings can be made into a large display, or they can be smaller and more delicate wood carvings of beautiful wildlife, forest scenes or tribal patterns. These handmade art items look perfect when displayed on a stone fireplace mantle, a wooden console or by itself on a wall at the entrance or in the hall.


Bathroom Zen

Bathrooms are a great place for a natural setting. Consider getting your sink made of stone or porcelain. Have your towels rest on a large, thick piece of wood. Use pebbles as your floor tiling and finish it off with a mat made from bamboo. You can add loose sticks of bamboo, plants and essential oils to keep your bathroom fresh and fragrant. Get glass jars of bathroom salts and have them on a wooden placeholder that rests on your bathtub.

Wall Art

Get paintings with lots of colors depending on the natural setting that you want to give. Sunset backgrounds and forests can be an idea, or if you want to include animals - a painting or tapestry that illustrates your favorites.

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