Handbag Trends for Spring 2019

March 08, 2019

Handbag Trends for Spring 2019

Get your shopping wish-list together for this year’s Spring handbag collection! And what a diverse and whimsical style that is in for 2019. The Paris show has wrapped up and we’ve had some time to digest this season’s go-to handbags.

Handbags and accessories are the real money makers of any fashion business. Noteworthy designers are fighting for that “must have it” place so that customers will shop online in stores for months to come.  After being cozied-up in warm clothes from head to toe, spring fashion week is a time to reveal more playful pieces that will get everyone excited for the season to come.

This spring, designers played with unusual proportions, materials, and style to stand out from the mass competition.


Traveling is back in fashion and the runway was filled with stylish bags to accompany the fashionistas on their journeys. Lanyards were one of the biggest spring/ summer 2019 bag trends to showcase it.

Is your carry-on bag suddenly too big to fit in the plane? Not to worry! Keep what’s most important hanging around your neck. Passport, airplane tickets, keys, some cash, and depending on what you size you have, your cherished mobile phone can fit in this perfect, easy to carry bag.Designers like Erdem, Burberry, and Gabriela were all over this style during the spring 2019 show.

Looped Handles

Are you that person who gets stopped on the street because your bag is open and you need to close it? Look no further and invest in a looped single-handle bag. The bag itself is either a large pouch waiting for you to lose your things in or a small pouch that ties up together at the top and is extra secure.

Not to mention, having to care about one handle around your wrist is much easier than having two. One handle always seems to slip off the arm so easily! Not with this style though. If it’s not on your arm, it’s gone! The looped handle fits perfectly so that you can carry the bag in style with no worries. Dion Lee, Adeam and Marc Jacobs decided to use this design in their collection.

The Mini Duffle Bag

Keeping with the travel theme is the mini duffle bag. Larger duffle bags are perfect for packing up loose items that won’t fit in your luggage and that you might need or for going to the gym. But these minis, well they are more for style than having your belongings packed care-freely. In fact, the mini duffle bag is big enough to fit your phone and small enough to keep everything organized.

Calvin Klein, Versace, and Coach had all different styles from each other: classic with embroideries and tassels, minimal and futuristic or crocodile print with a chain.


The Miniature Bag

What can you fit in a miniature bag? Not much. And it's not a bad thing. This tiny, little bag is only to be used when you want to be free. Whether you are taking a break and going for a walk, or just need to collect a couple of things down the street - or better yet, if you are going out to have some fun and don’t need your phone, this stylish and oh so cute accessory is perfect.

It’s neat, it holds only what you need and it’s light. The smaller it is, the more expensive it gets!

Chloé’s Nile bag is 13cm long and costs more than $1,000. The same designer’s black leather cross-body bag is a snip in comparison at $300 but is only a 5cm cube. Mark Cross Nicole chevron cross-body bag, $2,495 and Stalvey Janice Mini alligator tote, $8,600.


The Box Bag

Travel culture and mini culture have come together to make one, cute little luggage or box handbag. These mini suitcases are similar to the collections Luis Vuitton designed back in the day when travel was all the new rage. The box handbag also brings people back to their youth - a sense of nostalgia by being the updated, adult version of a lunchbox. And you can get all kinds!

On the classier side of things, Roksanda designed leather box bags, small in size, clean in design, and complete with an easy-to-use, envelope-style opening. Chanel bags are recognisable a mile away by making a statement while not going over the top. Luis Vuitton went for a bright lime color just to stand out and modernize their classic concept.


Straw Bags

Straw bags are still in from last season, so if you joined in on that trend - lucky you! Since straw bags are so popular, you can select any style according to your taste and mood. What was seen as a bag that you would bring the market for holding your shopping has now broken ground in the fashion industry. The practice of making straw bags is ancient, dating back to the Egyptians. Actually, making it a long time for them to be accepted!

Could it be that the fashion trend is gearing more towards sustainable and animal-friendly products? Who knows, we shall see next season!

So which styles are you going to fill your Spring/Summer wardrobe with? Looking for a vegan option? Our  selection of handbags covers most of the trends listedin this article.

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