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Shoes are a huge part of our culture and how we present ourselves. So much so, that people are willing to wear tiny stilettos no matter how the heels affect the bodyor spend hundreds of euros on a designer pair just to give a good impression.Women’s shoes - and men’s - are the finishing touches to our outfits.

Human Nature

The clothes and shoes you wear, the handbag you carry - they all say more to you than you may think. The way you dress and present yourself does affect first impressions.

We may not be consciously aware of it, but evolution has taught us to make quick judgments to determine if someone was dangerous or not. This human characteristic follows us still, but now the environment is different.

Stereotypes Exist

When we meet people for the first time, we see how they carry themselves, how they dress and how they communicate. And there are stereotypes to go along with the list.

Although stereotypes need to be considered with a pinch of salt, there are a number of similar cases where shoe and personality-type matched.

Shoes and Personalities

According to Reader’s Digest, a boot with a heel is usually worn by a person who can take charge. People who wear running shoes tend to be goal-oriented and if you see someone wearing clogs, you can assume they somewhat nurturing and outdoorsy.

Flats are associated with people who can lead but do not need to be the leader. They prefer to have a good finished product rather than be in the limelight.

Flashy stillettos show drive, determination, and a strong work ethic. They represent excellent taste and a love for beauty. People who wear stilettos like to be surrounded by nice things - expensive or not.

Workboot wearers tend to love to plan ahead. Their approach to life is analytical and there is always a strategy at the ready. This makes you always prepared for any challenge that might come your way.

Of course, someone who wears flip-flops or sandals is going to be chilled out and relaxed. They like to do what makes them happy, no matter what others may think. They are easy-going and unconventional.

Sneaker buff wearers, like the shoe, get one with everyone. No matter what age, or what sex - they have time for a chat and will definitely find something in common. Sometimes they are an old soul, sometimes young, with many friendships scattered everywhere.

The wedged-heels resonate confidence and comfort at the same time. The wearer is usually warm, inviting, and has a strong presence.

Pumps are high heels that show a little bit of toe at the front - and are usually worn by the boss. They are competitive and aim to intimidate while still being graceful. If your boss is wearing pumps, you know the job will get done and will get done well.

Loafer lovers are very responsible, detailed-driven and unshakeable. They are always there for you whether it is for personal or work-related business. When there is a task needs to be done, they will do it to the highest standard.


Powerful Icons

The power of shoes in our culture is an underestimated one. From a young age, we are taught about the importance of shoes.

Cinderella’s glass slipper brings her back to her prince and away from her tormenting step-family. Dorothy’s red slippers are her ticket home once she clicks her heels three times and says the magic words. Yes, shoes are a big deal.

Physical Changes

French sociologist, Marcel Mauss, researched and shared results on his work called “Techniques of the Body”. Throughout the research, Mauss explored how shoes influence different movements in the body.

There is a reason why people love high heels - they make a person focus on their posture by lengthening the calf muscles, pushing the chest forward and tightening the buttocks.

Flat shoes, on the other hand, allow the body to stay more relaxed and for the foot to spread as it needs to rather than constrained as it is in a high heel.  

Your Collection

Take a look at your shoe collection. Do they have something in common - patterns or shapes? Often there are elements you will stick to because they suit your personality and you know what you like. Which kind of shoes do you have and do you think you fit the description?

Take note of when you wear your next pair - why did you choose those shoes and that outfit - perhaps you will see that there is more to your decision-making process that meets the eye.

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