Easy Tips for Sandal Care

Easy Tips for Sandal Care

Spring is early and summer is around the corner! Time to go through your shoe selection and get your sandals ready. But wait - didn’t you wear out your gladiator sandals last season? Do you need to get a new pair?

Finding a good pair of sandals is not so easy. Especially if you live in a more northern country where the sun doesn’t shine an average of 300 days year. When you find that combination of perfect fit, comfort, and style, it is hard to cut ties and put the shoes to the graveyard.

Instead, see if you can make your sandals look new and fresh by giving them some TLC.

Getting Back from Black

Sandals are a great way to keep your feet out in the sun and exposed to fresh air. They are so great, that they can represent how active you’ve been. After a whole day traipsing through the city or chilling in a park, your sandals reward you by leaving traces of dirt all over them. You’ve gone from feeling great about the outdoors to remorse for having worn your beautiful sandals and ruining them.

Not to worry, there are ways of making them look brand new again and remove that dirt and grime!

  • Get a bristled brush and take your sandals outside. Gently scrub off excess dirt from the shoes.

  • Mix one part of baking soda and an equal part of water to create a white paste.

  • Grab an old toothbrush (not to self: keep an old toothbrush) and gently scrub the sandal with the paste.

  • Rinse off the paste with cool running water and pat the sandals dry with a towel immediately.

  • If you have leather sandals, soak up equal parts of water and white wine vinegar to scrub the grime off the top face of the leather without damaging it. Don’t forget to apply a leather conditioner once they are dry to keep them in shape.

  • For suede sandals, grab a cotton ball and dip it in alcohol. Gently wipe away the dirt and try not to get any water on them as it will stain! Get a piece of fine-grit sandpaper and lightly buff the top of the suede.

  • For cleaning the footbeds of all types of sandals, use another cotton ball, dip it in alcohol and wipe.

                Repeat this every week or two and have them fresh!

                Bring in Those Insoles

                Insoles are so important for keeping your feet comfortable and preventing foot disorders.  Good insoles enhance quality protection and add an extra cushion to support your feet that suffer from a lot of pressure and shock.

                Well-made insoles absorb foot pressure when you are standing, walking or running - enabling you to lead an active life without any pain or discomfort. The type of insole you buy is up to you! Try to buy a whole sheet of foam for the insole rather than pre-cut pieces so that you can customize the shape directly.

                Simply place the sandal on the fabric and with a pencil, draw the outline of the shoe. Take a scissor and cut inside the line you’ve drawn staying as close to the shape as possible. Once finished, check that the shape fits into your sandal and keep trimming slowly until it is perfect.

                Finally, grab that glue and a new shoe for you! Just wait a day or two before using them to ensure that everything sticks correctly. Add a bit of weight on the sandal to put some pressure on the sticking process.

                Summer Peel

                Here we go again. You’ve worn your sandals to their breaking point, bought a cheap pair or hit the front of your foot while walking so many times that they are starting to peel apart. Luckily, it is usually the parts that are stuck together with glue so it's an easy fix! Just buy the right glue that is strong enough to do the job right.

                For those of you have been around this block too many times without great success, grab something serious like cement glue. Other tools you need are a q-tip or a small brush. Clean the sandal first from lumps of dirt then with the q-tip or brush, slowly add the glue on the inside and close to the edge. Don’t add too much or the glue will ooze out! When finished just hold the shoe together and there you go!

                Will no amount of repair bring your sandal back to life?

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