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Chocolate Halloween Vegan Treats

Last Updated: April 14, 2024

A snack bar is a perfect choice when you need that extra boost of energy - whether you're out for a trek, losing focus at work or just on the go all day. This Halloween, shop for the best ones so that your trick or treaters won’t even notice that they are eating healthy food!

Unreal Snacks

Dark chocolate and peanut butter is good, but dark chocolate and peanut butter in cup form? Groundbreakingly more delicious! These individually packaged cuties consist of fair-trade ingredients and make for the perfect candy to pass out to all of those trick-or-treaters! They also have Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars, so if a bag of those accidentally falls in your shopping cart, you might have to buy them!

Enjoy Life Halloween Minis

Enjoy Life finally jumped into the Halloween treats trend. Two years ago they launched their Chocolate Chip Snack Packs, which are still available. But this year they’ve gone all the way with a whole range of Halloween-Themed Chocolate Bar Minis. You can choose between their Dark, Rice milk, and Ricemilk Crunch Chocolate.

No Whey! Chocolate Halloween Treats

“Milk” Chocolate AND White Chocolate, need I say more? Yes, a few dairy-free companies are venturing into this territory, but this was one of the first to produce such festive treats. This chocolatier is excellent for kids and kids at heart. All of their chocolate veers toward sweet and milky rather than bitter and dark. Plus, No Whey is constantly coming out with cute new designs. Their allergen-safe Halloween chocolate includes individually wrapped No-Nos (dairy-free M&Ms), Peanut Cups, chocolate pops, and even scary truffles for mom.

Raaka Chocolate

Did someone say oat milk? Let’s be honest—we know most parents have to “look through” their children’s candy before they can have some. These probably won’t make it back to the kids after the screening because they are so decadently delightful! Made with organic cacao beans from Peru, organic oat flour, and sweetened with maple sugar, these will be sure to please the parent’s sweet tooth!

Justin’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

Their infamous dark chocolate covered peanut butter cups are now sold in both single-serve (2 full-size cups) and bigger bags with individually-wrapped minis inside! Just use caution with severe milk allergies, and note that they do have a milk chocolate version of their peanut butter cups – stick to the dark for non-dairy.

Sjaak’s Chocolate Halloween Treats

This is another chocolate love of mine. Sjaak’s offers their individually-wrapped peanut butter, orange, and pumpkin spice chocolate bites in cute Halloween bags or tubs (they sell out quickly though!). But, if those two flavours don’t spark you, they have several other individually-wrapped “bite” flavours to choose from. They just come in less Halloween-inspired colours. And this year they’ve added some bigger specialty treats, like vegan white chocolate ghosts! But Sjaak’s does note that the ingredients they source may be processed on shared lines with milk, so cross-contamination at the ingredient level is possible.

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