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Best Tapestry

Are you a lover of tapestries?

You're not the only one.

This type of home decor is actually has a very storied and ancient past.


The first mention of a woven textile is in Chapter 26 of Exodus in the Bible.

Though the word "tapestry" isn't used, historians believe it is reasonable to assume the piece of fabric mentioned was in fact a tapestry.


The very earliest examples are fragments that were discovered in the burial suite of Egyptian pharaoah Thutmose I.

The fragments have been dated back to about 3000 BC.

The Egyptian necropolis of Beni Hasan likewise features wall paintings of people working at looms.

These paintings date to about the same time as the textile fragments.

Evidence of the art form have been found in the ancient Greek, Persian, Babylonian and Incan civilizations as well.

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When you think of this sort of wall hanging, though, I bet you picture ornate textiles adorning the walls of freezing medieval castles.

And you'd be right - the art flourished during that time period in Europe.

The textiles had a practical purpose in addition to being popular in the interior design of the time.

The thick textiles produced by the loom weaving method provided insulation in those drafty castles.

For more tapestry history, check out our comprehensive run-down of the history of these fascinating wall hangings in our blog post.

In that post, we trace the history from the early Egyptians to modern practices in tapestry weaving.

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Tapestries, by definition, are fabric that are woven on looms.

The looms are strung with two sets of warp strings - one in front and one in back.

Then the weaver weaves weft threads - the threads that will actually make up the design - between the warp threads.

The weft threads are pressed down at the end of each row, and the warp threads are shifted so that the front goes to the back and the back to the front.

This process continues until the warp threads are entirely obscured with the design-creating weft threads.

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The earliest looms were high-warp and low-warp looms.

In high-warp looms, the warp is strung vertically, and in low-warp looms, the warp is strung horizontally.

High-warp looms are what you probably picture when you think of a loom and they are a little more labor-intensive than low-warp looms, where weavers can use their hands and their feet to weave the design. In high-warp loom weaving, weavers may only use their hands.

In the late 19th century, the Jacquard loom was invented, largely automating the process. Jacquard looms have not changed much since their invention.

For more information on what makes a tapestry a tapestry, check out our blog post on the defining traits of tapestry.

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These days, they are are back in fashion.

Old textiles were thick, woven large pieces of fabric that hung on a wall or at a window to keep in the heat, but also tell a story.

But today, hanging rugs and tapestries are popping up on walls as beautiful works of art without any other purpose.

The textile is a very easy way to bring color to a large, empty wall.

The fabrics are so light that all you need are a few small nails to keep the tapestry in place.

If you want a change in style, you can easily take it off the wall and replace it with something else.

This method of decorating is a great way to add a worldly and bohemian or modern look to space.

It’s also a wonderful way to add a focal point to a room or behind a piece of furniture, such as a sofa.

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Wondering how to clean that tapestry that you love so much?

Whether your tapestry is a feature of dorm room interior design, or adorns the wall of a bedroom.

It's going to need some care from time to time.

Take care of this piece of home décor by brushing dirt off, gently vacuuming, spot-cleaning or even laundering if it can handle it.

Click here for our comprehensive guide on how to take care of your tapestry.

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Do you have that DIY spirit? We have lots of tutorials on our blog.

Learn how to make your own glow-in-the-dark tapestry here.

Tapestry bracelets are a thing - and an art form.

You can make them yourself, too.

Not sure how to hang that tapestry?

We have so many ideas, and you can flex those handy muscles too.

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Here's another tutorial, for how to waterproof your tapestry.


There are so many options for tapestries to use as wall decor in your interior design.

Which wall hanging should you use?

Well, it depends on your style.

You should also consider the colors you are trying to match. You don't need to match hues or tones - sometimes contrast is what you want.

If your furniture and rugs are mostly blue, take a look at the color wheel and go with the opposite.

An orange wall hanging will provide a pop of color to your home decor in a living room, bedroom or any room.

Many think that tapestries are only for the boho but that's not true anymore. If you use color principals of contrast, you can create a living room theme that looks thoroughly modern.

You could also go with a monotone tapestry or something in black and white for that mod feel. Basically, do whatever you want, and if it is your style, you'll love it.

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We've got you covered there.

A space theme is great for a bedroom - we have a variety in our galaxy tapestry section.

If you're a hippie, put a boho tapestry in any room to express your unique style.

We think nature themed wall tapestries are uniquely suited for the living room, while animal tapestries are a fun accent for a hallway.

The classic mandala tapestry can go in a bedroom or literally anywhere;

How about next to your table in the dining room?

Psychedelic tapestries likewise fit in any room including a bedroom, and with all their colors, they will match just about any decor you can pair them with.

What are you waiting for?

Choose a new tapestry (or three) today and freshen up the decor in your living room, or any room.

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Sara Phillipps
A vegan freelance web designer and blog writer based out of Austin, Texas USA.

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