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by Cass / July 16, 2024

When it comes to pregnancy, a myriad of factors, elements, and pressures

Benefits & Risks of Mind Lab Pro Nootropics While Pregnant

by Matt / July 16, 2024

One of the interesting discoveries I had while going vegan took place

Veganism and Aging: Do Vegans Look Younger?

by Tom / July 9, 2024

Industrial agriculture clear-cuts large swathes of land, stripping it of its natural

Can Industrially Grown Food Be Considered Vegan? Understanding Industrial Agriculture

by Cass / July 5, 2024

When you become pregnant there are so many different changes that go

Is Staying Vegan Possible When Pregnant: 4 Best Tips for When You Are Struggling

by Matt / July 2, 2024

When I first came to veganism, I thought about the health benefits

What are the Health Benefits of Going Vegan – Worth It?

by Cass / June 26, 2024

Embarking on a vegan diet comes with numerous health benefits, including better

How To Manage Weight Gain On A Vegan Diet

by Tom / June 25, 2024

Vegans are against the consumption and exploitation of animals for human ends.

Who and What is a Vegan? 3 Reasons to go Vegan

by Steph / June 11, 2024

The reasons people give for not going vegan are typical and usually

6 Products You Won’t Believe are Vegan

by Cass / April 16, 2024

A whole food plant-based diet is the healthiest diet out there.Eating a

Top Ten Vegan Myths Debunked

by Cass / April 15, 2024

Hi there! Welcome to Leafy Souls! It’s probably no surprise to hear

About Us

by Cass / April 14, 2024

For businesswomen who carry all their belongings to the office, to client

Designer Business Bags for Women: Handbags Perfect for Business Meetings

by Cass / April 14, 2024

A luxury bag raises a lot of questions. Should we care about

How to Spot a Fake Louis Vuitton Bag

by Cass / April 14, 2024

Can't imagine life without your giant bag? We know. Carrying a big

How to Carry Heavy Bags: How to Avoid Shoulder Pain from Heavy Bags

by Cass / April 14, 2024

Your bedroom is a special place. It is a space of comfort,

Good Ideas for Bedroom Wall Decorations

by Cass / April 14, 2024

You’ve finished moving in and all your furniture has found its place

How to Decorate a Wall: Interior Home Decor Tips

by Cass / April 14, 2024

Are you a lover of tapestries?You're not the only one.This type of

Best Tapestry for Any Room in Your House

by Cass / April 14, 2024

Get your shopping wish-list together for spring 2024’s handbag collection! The styles

Spring Handbags 2024: Designer Bag Trends

by Cass / April 14, 2024

Everyone is interested in sustainability these days. Maybe you've also been bitten

Making Gift Bags from Newspaper

by Cass / April 14, 2024

You are starting a new chapter of your life at university and

University Student Room Decorating Ideas

by Cass / April 14, 2024

Here at Leafy Souls, we don't think there is one perfect bag

The Perfect Bag for Modern Women

by Cass / April 14, 2024

Warm weather is coming. Is your accessory wardrobe ready? Which trends should

Summer Handbags: Latest Fashion News

by Cass / April 14, 2024

It doesn't seem so long ago that mainstream grocery stores didn't sell

Best Vegan Products: Vegan Foods That You Can’t Resist

by Cass / April 14, 2024

Japanese food restaurants tend to be good places for vegans to eat,

Japanese Vegan Meals: Best Vegan Recipe in Japan

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